“He Who Denies Me before Men…”

While the pro-life movement in America is busily working to overturn Roe and take back the legal territory lost to surgical abortion, the killing industry is actually gaining a huge amount of ground in another direction: they are going cellular. That is, they know the days of surgical abortion are numbered and are now pushing backward to kill babies at the earliest dawning of human life, now not in the womb but before it even gets there.

To be clear, the fight for life has now entered the realm of chemical warfare, and authentic pro-lifers who believe that life begins at fertilization just can't ignore this battle. Yes, we have to fight to turn back the tide of surgical abortion, but we also must assure that the tide doesn't sweep around us and engulf the babies from another angle.

What I mean is this: Just last week the FDA, under its interim director, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, made a policy decision that the “Plan B” abortion-causing drug (also known as “emergency contraception” and “the morning-after pill”) can be sold over the counter (OTC) to women ages eighteen and above. Let me be candid here. The stalled process to authorize OTC sale of the “Plan B” abortion drug miraculously moved forward when Hillary and other abortion lovers in the Senate threatened to hold up von Eschenbach's confirmation as FDA director. Funny how that is. When grilled about this obvious political kowtow to the abortion extremists, von Eschenbach disingenuously stated that this was not politics but solid science and concern for women. Dumping heavy doses of synthetic hormones into teenagers' bodies as a chemical reaction to one-night stands is good science? I don't think so.

What is more surprising to me is the slow uptake from pro-lifers who should be furious about this new power grab by the abortion industry. I will say it again: We can't afford to cede this ground. The vast numbers of “fertilized eggs” (i.e., real tiny human beings) that are chemically expelled by this Plan B abortion drug sold to teens over the counter will make the surgical abortion holocaust look like target practice. Who is concerned about the lives of those little human beings? If we are too busy holding off the abortion demons at the front door we will fail to notice the chemical crooks sneaking through the back door to rob us of our precious patrimony: our conceived children.

Now that Dr. von Eschenbach has shown his real colors, HLI has issued a strong call for President Bush to withdraw the nomination of this so-called leader of the medical community, and we are asking for your help on this. Several other excellent pro-women and pro-family groups are leading the charge with us in this effort to get the president to stand on his pro-life principles once again: American Life League, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council and Pro-Life Action League have all come out and called for the president to rescind von Eschenbach's nomination. He did it with Harriet Myers, he can do it again, but only if he hears from you!

If we stand by while the FDA unleashes this new chemical holocaust on unborn babies, we will deny Christ Himself Who identifies with those He calls His “least brethren,” even if they are only several hours old.

Please, please call or email the White House today and tell the president to dump this renegade von Eschenbach! Do me another favor and forward this request to all your friends and ask them to do the same on this most urgent matter.

Contact the White House: (202) 456-1111

Fr. Tom Euteneuer is president of Human Life International.

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