He Knows: Let Him Show You!

Jer 3:14-17 / Mt 13:18-23

In the course of our individual lifetimes, how often have we heard the stories of Jesus? There is no counting them.  The Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, the Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery — we know them well. They’re a part of the “furniture” of our lives. But it seems fair to ask: What have we learned from them? Have our lives taken on a shape that would indicate we’ve listened to the inside of their stories? If not, why not?

Jesus offers us an answer in today’s gospel. His message may have gotten to our hearts, but it keeps getting choked and drowned out there. The business of daily life distracts us and pulls our attentions in other directions, and we find ourselves saying of Jesus’ message: “I just haven’t got time for that!” What an irony: The business of daily life is exactly what Jesus is talking about! Doing each day well, with grace and purpose, is what He is trying to teach us.

Don’t squander your days by inattention. Jesus knows where life is to be found. Let Him show you!