Hating Mother Teresa

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It was one year ago, Christmas season 2011, that Christopher Hitchens, one of the world’s most aggressive atheists, died. Hitchen’s atheism was very cynical, and one of its ugliest faces was his bizarre contempt for Mother Teresa, the saint among us who Hitchens described as the “moonbat of Calcutta.”

Well, ideas have consequences. And, sadly, Hitchens disciples live on with his, carrying his torch, advancing his cause. And so, they, too, are persecuting Mother Teresa. Like Hitchens, they are angry, and can be really good at publicly expressing their anger. The saintly lady from Calcutta is receiving their rage.

A case in point: a group of atheists at Dartmouth College is planning an event besmirching the late nun. The campus Atheists Humanists Agnostics club sent out a campus-wide e-mail excitedly announcing a “full-out romp against [sic] why one of the most beloved people of the century, Mother Teresa, is as Hitchens put it… ‘a lying, thieving Albanian dwarf.’” This woman, claims the email, was “not a friend of the poor,” but “a friend of poverty.”

Ah, yes: the gospel according to Chris Hitchens.

The atheist-humanist-agnostic romp will include the screening of an anti-Mother Teresa film and a discussion of Hitchens’ epistle, Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.

These Hitchens’ true believers plan a hearty discussion as to how the public has been “conned into thinking this woman was good.”

Fortunately, the good Mother Teresa has defenders at Dartmouth. Reporter Oliver Darcy quoted one, Melanie Wilcox, editor of the conservative campus newspaper, the Dartmouth Review. Wilcox observes: “It’s easy for a group of privileged Ivy League students who have never experienced poverty to meet in a ‘super secret room’ and think themselves as intellectuals by bashing Mother Teresa. I’d like to know what they have done, if anything, to help the needy.”

Well, that’s something I can’t answer, but I do know that few on this earth have done as much as Mother Teresa did, despite what the faithful apostles of Christopher Hitchens contend.

Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us.

For Catholic Exchange dot com and Ave Maria Radio, I’m Paul Kengor.

Dr. Paul Kengor


Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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  • James H, London

    ‘The evil that men do lives on, whilst the good is oft interred with their bones…’

    quoth the Bard. Surely this is evidence for the existence of Old Nick, if ever there was.

  • Nerinab

    Good for Melanie Wilcox! Great question for the “humanists.”

    If Mother Teresa doesn’t represent everything right about Christianity, then I give up.

  • vitto

    A year without Hitchens… , a great writer, debater and entertainer. The bravest of men. We miss him so much. Thank’s for opening my eyes to truth, Hitch.!

  • chaco

    Sometimes we can over-think things; We obviously live in a mixture of Good & Bad -Desirable & Undesirable. It’s easy to imagine a method of seperating the 2 opposing sides. It’s even easier to understand Jesus’ explaination of how that seperation will be accomplished; “As surely as you extended kindness to others, you did it for me – As surely as you denied others, you denied me.” Those who claim that their mortality doesn’t bother them are either in denial or they don’t love their life (suicidal). Simple as that. [“… by the infinate merits of His Sacred Heart & through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we beg of you the conversion of poor sinners.” (prayer from Fatima-1917) ]

  • Annamarie

    I daresay that Mr. Hitchens has plenty of time to contemplate all his countless errors as he sits on his skewered butt in Hell! I can only pray for the rest of you lemmings as you mindlessly chase his damned soul (even though Holy Mother Church tells us that His Mercy is available to all even up to the last nanosecond, I’d say his soul’s state is a fairly safe guess as he was so proud of it) over the cliff into perdition.

  • Disclaimer – I haven’t read Hitches book. I guess he and the Club members believe that by helping to feed, cloth. educate and give the poor a dignified funeral is actually acceptance of poverty. They believe that she should have tried to end poverty.

    Let’s get real here. Obama tried to help and has caused more homeless in his 1st term. Poverty will never be erased, until the 2nd Coming of Jesus.

    Mother Theresa’s talent was not in eradicating or trying to eradicate or pretending to, but to make them feel human again.

    If someone feels they have the gift of saving these poor from poverty, why didn’t anyone try. I don’t think Mother Theresa had a monopoly or captive audience among the poor. Let these Club members from the richest country in the world try. Hopefully Hitchens gave them the formula. Talk is cheap. These behave like consultants – much talk less action.

  • Let’s face it. The old bag loved Buddah and praised all religions.

  • Poppiexno

    On the scale of justice, we have Mother Teresa and her nuns on one side and Hirchens and his followers on the other. Which way will the scale tilt? I would respectfullly disagree with Annamarie, however, about Hitchens’ eternal fate. After each decade of the rosary, we pray.”Oh my Jesus… especially those who are most in need of your mercy.” He and his followers certainly qualify, even if they don’t admit it.
    And by the way, have you noticed how vitriolic such attacks almost always are? Evil hates the good and will try to destroy it whenever it can.

  • Annie

    It is really too bad we even had to see this man’s name in print again, he is not worth the time.Completely ignoring anything he has ever done or said and his followers would be the best thing we could do. Where he is now, God only knows.

  • chaco

    Surely you jest; I’m guessing that even if it were only you & our Lord against a whole world of relativists (either deny their fear of mortality or are suicidal), you would “Go Down With the Ship” (Church), because you know that God’s Love/ Blessed Assurance far surpasses love(?) from “this world”.

  • Johnny

    I can already guess what his plan was for ending poverty. It probably involved copying Joseph Stalin. Actually, drop the “probably”.

  • J

    I love these sarcastic and smirking posts. You can just tell he wants to wipe his empty hate in others faces just to boost his own shallow self-confidence. He’s probably a good little secularist and lies to keep his views pure, too. So predictable.

    I’d say have a nice day, but I know you’re miserable behind your wide smirking and feel sorry that you will never take any blame for your own problems. You’re not really original or clever, but laughing is the only way you can feel anything, right? It’s so sad that blind hate is the only way you can communicate.