The disciples of Jesus were arguing as to who among them was the greatest. Even at that time, power play already existed. No different today. There are so many so-called prayer community groups. The elders or senior members of many of these groups claim to be “servants” but conduct themselves as anything but. The purpose and mission are good, however, the desire for recognition is ever present and there appears to be so much power play and intrigue amongst them, defeating the purpose of why the prayer groups were created in the first place. They lose focus. So then, Jesus takes a child, probably at play, and announces that whoever welcomes one child welcomes him and his Father in heaven. In taking the child in his arms, Jesus shows to us that God himself is playful, taking delight in the world he sustains. How disappointed Jesus must feel with our world today where children are neglected and abused, malnourished and uneducated, having to sell sampaguitas (or even themselves) to sustain their folks when it should be the other way around. The Catholic Church does what it can to act according to Jesus’ wishes, welcoming children needing in food, shelter, counseling through its ministries, but there are so many, oh, so many. Parents, teachers, persons who are engaged in the care of children receive enormous blessings from God for their work.