Grade 11 Student Shares March for Life Experience in School Newsletter

“I am a person who enjoys experiencing new things, and therefore, I eagerly signed up to attend the March for Life in Ottawa,” recounts Diana Gresku in a moving testimony about one high-school student’s experience with the annual pro-life event, and how it changed her views about abortion. Gresku hails from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton, and her testimony appears in her school newsletter, The Crusader Chronicle.

Gresku observes that she “knew that killing was wrong under all conditions, but it never occurred to me that abortion was murder until we arrived in Ottawa.”

But “after attending this two-day trip, I can honestly say that I am pro-life,” she says, “and I strongly believe that life is sacred.”

Gresku was among the 12,000 other marchers at this year’s March for Life in Ottawa, which took place on May 14. Thousands of students participated in this year’s event – by far the largest in the history of the march – along with 18 Members of Parliament, 11 Catholic Bishops and leaders from numerous other religious denominations.

“I clearly remember the thousands of students like myself, gathered on Parliament Hill, listening to the motivational speakers, and Members of Parliament who expressed their views on our society that offers no legal protection for the unborn.  Thousands of signs were being held high in the air, symbolizing unity,” she writes.

Gresku relates her memories of encountering the pro-abortion group that protested the March for Life, noting, “Although, there were many more of us who believed in pro-life, the others began yelling, and it scared me.”

“I gripped my sign and remembered all of the senseless murders that abortion had caused, and continued walking,” she says.

Gresku concludes by commenting on the hope that the Truth brings: “I learned that truth is the most powerful tool, for with truth comes love, compassion and unity.  From dark situations such as abortion, comes light and hope for a pro-life future.”

“Therefore, I am completely pro-life,” she writes.

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