Going Beyond “the Tithe” Brings Extra Helping of God’s Blessings

The owners of a Michigan-based company are using their profits to help spread the gospel worldwide.

It was back in 1993 when Wally Blume developed a new flavor of ice cream that he dubbed “Moose Tracks.” The popularity of Moose Tracks led to the founding of Denali Flavors, a brand and concept licensing company, in the summer of 1996. Since then, Wally and June Blume have signed licensing agreements with 80 local and regional ice cream companies.

June explains that success has enabled the Blumes to support a number of Christian organizations, such as ministries to the homeless and to prisoners, and to pro-family and pro-life causes. “We feel that if you're going to have a very balanced retirement portfolio, we need to have the same balance on the giving side — and we work real hard at that,” she says.

Wally, who had always tithed, says he noticed a major change in the business when he began giving above his tithe. “We didn't know about gifts and offerings,” he admits, “and as soon as we started really getting into giving gifts and offerings, that is exactly when our business took off.”

Taking their experience and business success, the Blumes are now helping other Christian businesses, churches, and ministries practice biblical stewardship. They say they have been led by the Lord to do that. Wally explains how that aspect of their ministry operates.

“We'll go into a church or an organization that has, for instance, a business club, and we'll sit down with the people in the business or the church and just relate to them how we developed our business and [about] the giving principles that we think fostered the growth of our business,” he says.

According to June, that offers the opportunity for sharing the Word of God. “And we also give scriptures that apply to praying over your business so that you are praying the Word and being effective in your prayer time,” she says.

Within the company's mission statement are references to “maintaining Christ-centered values” and being “good stewards” of the trust that exists in their business relationships. Denali Flavors has just rolled out two new ice cream flavors: Tootsie Roll and Tootsie Pop.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press).

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