God’s Love

In the first reading, St. Paul encounters persecution from the Jews
for preaching the Good News. But God protects him from any harm and he
is able to escape from his enemies.

The life of a Christian is not without trials, difficulties and
tribulations. Sometimes we have to suffer for doing what is right. God
invites us to be steadfast and to stand firm, for He will be there to
help us. God always protects His missionaries, His preachers and His
priests. So we must have faith in Him and not be afraid.

The Gospel also tells us that we will experience much sorrow in this
world, but this sorrow will be turned into joy. God always gives His
most ardent followers more trials than the others. All of us have a
mission – to carry in our bodies the dying of Jesus so that in us may
appear his resurrection. That is when our sorrow will be turned into
joy. Since we are called to save people from their wrongdoings,
immoral thinking, selfish attitudes, etc., we will surely encounter
much resistance from them. But if we hold on till the end, the fruits
of our labor will be in their conversion to God. Jesus said before he
ascended into heaven, “I will always be with you, until the end of the
world.” This promise is what emboldens the disciple of Christ to keep
on doing good to others. He has the guarantee of our Lord’s help and