God is Not Wishy-Washy

First Reading: 1 Kgs 17:7-16

Psalm: Ps 4:2-3, 4-5, 7b-8

Gospel: Mt 5:13-16

God is not wishy-washy. He is all powerful. In today’s first reading, we hear that God keeps his word and all that he promised has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is through Jesus Christ that we address God as we worship together and offer our prayers. Paul talked about being anointed and sealed by God and having the Spirit in his heart. It is the same with each one of us through our baptism and confirmation. God has given each one of us a mighty gift and we are to use that gift for his praise and glory.

In the Gospel reading, Jesus tells his disciples that they are the salt of the earth. Salt does many things. It flavors and preserves. To be one who is the salt of the earth, is to be dependable and steadfast. If someone cannot be so, then he or she cannot be counted on for anything.

Jesus needed disciples who would be dependable and who would preserve his message through their actions and in their spreading of the word of God. In being dependable, steadfast, true disciples of Jesus, they would become the light of the world. It can be a challenge for each one of us to be steady in living out our Christian commitment. When things go well and we are surrounded with support, the practice of faith comes easily. But when the burdens of life seem to press us down, and our crosses weigh heavily upon us, it is then that we must remain most firm in the Lord. It is then that we must steadily flavor the world around us with the love of Christ and be a light of faith that can lead others to the firmness of God’s truth.