Giving Up All?

Would you give up all that you have and own to follow Jesus’ example? When Jesus speaks to the young man of the way to eternal life, Jesus shows him the way of poverty. The rich young man rejects that proposal because his possessions and wealth are his security. A poor person does not have this concern although he might still cling to whatever he possesses. Many times, the desire to be rich leaves us with no time for the service of our neighbor.

The young man observed the commandments and yet still wanted to know the way which leads to eternal life. If he knew the purpose for observing these commandments, then he wouldn’t have asked the question.

So, what does this mean for us today? Do we sell all we possess to give to the poor? The observance of the commandments is only the first step towards a much further and higher goal. It prepares us to be able to reach the point of giving of ourselves completely to others. We must realize all that we have, and know what enough is. Especially those of us who have much, we should know what we need to live on this earth and still have more to share with our neighbor.