Given a new name

When children are born and named, people are left wondering what will become of them in the future. In John’s situation, there was the challenge of age to overcome and when the happy birth occurred, the name was even debated upon. But, when the mute father could speak once again, the name had been confirmed, all who witnessed these events were left amazed.

This is quite similar to the origin stories of our comic book superheroes. What happened to them when they were born? Did they manifest their special powers at that time or did it happen later on? What were some interesting or notable incidents that made people wonder about the future of this particular being?

Even if John the Baptist’s costume would just be made out of camel hair, the role he was to portray remains quite impressive. Even he would play the part of a herald announcing the arrival of our King, our Savior. That’s why when we reflectively look back at his birth story, for hindsight and greater appreciation, we also witness and confirm the amazing things he would accomplish.

Let not our inherent prejudices and biases distort this picture of salvation. There could have been a grander welcoming for Our Lord, but God decided to course his announcement and preparation through John. The Father uses the most unconventional of methods to help us realize that miracles do happen in the most unexpected of circumstances. John was just the front act. Let us continue to prepare ourselves for the main event. We pray that we may also be more open to witness the wonderful things that Jesus will do in our lives.