Give the Truth as a Gift

Daniel 2:31-45 / Lk 21:5-11

As we saw in yesterday’s Old Testament reading from the book of Daniel, the young man Daniel had grown wise and true by walking with the Lord with an open and undivided heart. Now his wisdom and truth show themselves as the King of Babylon calls upon him to interpret the king’s dream. The news is not good, but Daniel speaks it truthfully and completely: Another inferior kingdom will replace Babylon, and will in turn be replaced by successively more and more inferior kingdoms. In the end, God will establish a kingdom which will overwhelm all the rest, and which shall stand forever.

It was the truth, but unpleasant truths can be dangerous to speak when people don’t wish to hear them. It has always been thus, and that poses a useful question for us. How are we at truth telling, especially when the truth is unwelcome? Do we flee the scene or ‘fudge’ the truth? On the other hand, do we use the truth as a weapon for evening old scores or feeding our self-righteousness? Have we learned to watch wisely for a moment when the truth can be received and heard? (Do we place that moment somewhere in the fourth millennium?!)

To speak the truth as Jesus would is to speak it in love and not to wield it as a weapon. Give the truth as a gift and you’ll never go wrong.