Give Them Some Food Yourselves

What is touching in today’s Gospel is Jesus saying,” Give them something to eat yourselves.” The Lord is not insensitive to the
human needs of the people. He understands what we need and when we need it. We should share this confidence and certainty that the Lord never abandons us. In our impatience, we easily doubt and wonder if the Lord loves or even remembers us. But His love is indeed steadfast.

In today’s reading, even when it seemed that there was not enough food, using the eyes of faith, we later realize that it was enough. Not only was it more than enough, it was abundant. The Lord is not stingy with his graces. Sometimes are impatient; we cannot wait or believe that the Lord will provide. He can multiply our little faith when we realize that Christ is Lord and Kyrios over all.

The feeding of the people and their division into groups is a prophetic vision and image of the Eucharist; we are fed with the bread
and wine, fruit of the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When we partake of this food from Heaven, we will hunger and thirst no more. This is the ultimate proof and gift of God’s love and providence for us.