“Get a Life!”

“Get a life!”  An angry shout from a passing care reached our ears.  And again, a little later, came the same cry from another car: “Get a life!”

Irony of ironies.

For this is exactly what we hope to do: get a life (saved).

Now “Get a life!” is certainly not the worst thing that someone hears as they pray in front of a Planned Parenthood or abortion mill.  Much worse remarks are flung at us. Yet I am struck by this irony.  Can it be that they do not realize that these places deal in death?  Some have said we are ‘blocking freedom’. Freedom from what?  Is freedom the same as liberty?  Can we have liberty without life?  Isn’t life the first right of an American?  Is there a difference between freedom and license?  Does anyone know this?

“It’s not your body”, is hollered at us. No, it is not. Nor is it the body of the woman that is being sacrificed on the altar of abortion.  It is not her body either.  She may well, in most cases, have had a choice prior to this moment. But now there should be no “choice” which is a word perverted to mean abortion.

“Reproductive Health” is the innocuous term used to cover up the abomination of abortion.  Some even claim a religious veil on this intrinsic evil with some clergy and others promoting the decimation of peoples.  Or there are the countless others who remain silent or “neutral” in the face of the greatest evil of our age.  They might say, “I am personally opposed, but…” ; they look the other way while millions of unborn children die.

Get a life!  Yes, I have a life. But the child dismembered in the abortion clinic will not “get a life”. The mother will go on doing whatever she is doing but the little soul is returned to God before drawing breath. And the mother’s soul dies.  Get a life!  The life of God in the souls of those who promote, provide, and procure abortion dies.  For them we pray that reconciliation and repentance be found.

Get a life!  God is the Author of life.  It is the devil who deals in death. Demonic is the institution that deals death.  The devil, that “liar and the father of lies…a murderer from the beginning” as Jesus states in the 8th chapter of the Gospel of St. John, is the one behind “reproductive choice”.  Ultimately it must be realized that “we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness” (Eph 6:12). This is a spiritual battle.  We must call on our spiritual weapons to fight it.  This combat is one done on our knees. The legal system will not bring about the changes needed in hearts and souls. We beg the Author of Life for the graces needed to touch hearts and souls to embrace life, to “get a life”.

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