Gender-Bending Child Abuse

On February 26, 2013, the Denver Post ran an article that contained the following:

Colorado parents of transgender 1st-grader file complaint over restroom ban.

The parents of a transgender 6-year-old have filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division because Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain banned the first-grader from using the girls’ restroom. The child, Coy Mathis, was born male but identifies as female.

She [sic] had attended the school since December 2011 before being pulled out by her [sic] parents … Coy Mathis wears girls’ clothing, and students and staff used female pronouns when referring to her [sic].

Reading this article reminded me of a column I wrote back in July 2011, which read in part:

I think we can fully expect the “transgendered rights” movement to ratchet things up in the months ahead…

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), “gender” is nothing more than “the societally-determined characteristics of a particular sex.” No room for the objective truth, “male and female He created them,” here.

Perhaps the saddest thing these causes [transgender and homosexual activism] have in common, however, is the fact that the unfortunate people who consider themselves “transgendered” are largely being left to suffer as progressive do-gooders turn a blind eye to their plight while congratulating themselves for their “open-mindedness.”

According to a recent NCTE survey, “A staggering 41 percent of [transgendered] respondents reported attempting suicide compared to 1.6 percent of the general population.”

Yet, God forbid anyone should be so “intolerant” as to suggest that “transgendered” people are suffering from an illness and deserve something more substantial in the way of treatment than some liberal chirping in their ear about how O.K. they are.

shutterstock_45287101 2So, how did this poor child, Coy Mathis, come this point in his troubled young life, and when did the problem begin to manifest itself?

According to the Post, “She [the child’s mother] said that as soon as Coy began to talk, she [sic] insisted she [sic] was a girl, not a boy.”


A little boy who is just beginning to master the ability to communicate verbally just suddenly announced to the world, “I’m a girl!”

There couldn’t possibly be a history of psychological abuse at the hands of confused and incompetent parents, could there?

Well, wouldn’t you know…

Parents-of-the-Year, Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis, provided some telling details in a recent interview with Katie Couric:

By the age of 18 months (when children aren’t usually stringing together complex sentences like, “Gee, mommy, I really feel like wearing a sundress with spaghetti straps today”), already it was clear to these insightful parents that their child is really a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

According to mom, Kathryn (who just by coincidence did 90% of the talking in the interview while the, ahem… man of the house just sat there), that’s when Coy “started being drawn towards everything girl [and] some of her [sic] favorite items included a fairy flower dress with a matching tutu and a Dora the Explorer bathing suit.”

I guess it’s a good thing year-and-a-half old Coy wasn’t drawn to the shiny silver things in the cutlery drawer (for very specific reasons, in addition to the obvious ones, that will be readily apparent in the next paragraph) since it never occurred to these folks that dressing their little boy up like a china doll wasn’t in his best interest.

At age four, according to the parents, “He wanted to know when we were going to take him to the doctor so that they would give him girl parts so that his body would be a girl.”

Are you kidding me? What four year old child, at a time in life when he should be lost in the innocent world of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dr. Seuss, has any idea whatsoever that deeply disturbed human beings are having their genitals surgically mutilated?

I wonder who the sick and twisted adults are that gave him that idea.

“It reached breaking-point when Coy refused to leave the house because she didn’t want to change into boys’ clothes.”

Imagine the parents’ shock at this sudden turn of events.  All they did was dress their little boy up in girl’s clothes since he was 18 months old, and wham, here comes a breaking point!

Seriously, what in God’s name would motivate adults to manipulate their child’s psyche this way?

The de facto head and spokesperson for the Mathis family, Kathryn, told the Post, “We want to help create a society where it’s OK to be who you are.”

As for the kind of worldview that inspires this lofty desire, Kathryn’s FaceBook page says, “I don’t have time for bigotry, hate, and discrimination; particularly in the name of Jesus.”

So there you have it.

Mama Mathis and her castrati housemate have a bone to pick with that judgmental Jesus of Nazareth guy, and they’re going to show Him a thing or two about who’s in charge around here, even if it means saddling their own kid with psychological baggage that he’ll probably carry for the rest of his life.

In a sane world, the newspaper headline would read:

Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis of Colorado charged with child abuse.


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Louie Verrecchio


Louie Verrecchio is a Catholic speaker and the author of Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II; an internationally acclaimed adult faith formation tool, endorsed by George Cardinal Pell, that explores the documents of the Second Vatican Council. For more information please visit: You can follow him on Facebook at

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  • Victoria

    Okaay . . .so obviously the thing for Coy’s mother to have done was tell him, “No, you’re a boy, and look what cool things you get to wear”: a cowboy outfit, or Spiderman costume, maybe.

    I agree that these parents are missing the boat and may be harming their child . But I have to take issue with the tone of Mr Verrecchio’s article. It’s not charitable. “Sick and twisted”? “Her castrati housemate”? We can point out problems with someone’s behavior without name calling, which will not change the minds of anyone who might agree with the parents.

    And the reference to Jesus — it didn’t sound like Mrs. Mathis was taking issue with Jesus Himself, but with anyone practicing bigotry, hate or discrimination in His name. I would take issue with that myself.
    There is a lot of confusion and well meaning idiocy in evidence these days, but we Christians need to address the issues with charity and compassion, not sarcasm.

  • Brandon Kerr

    I disagree, politely, Ms. Victoria with your assessment of the article’s author and his “tone”. What these parents are doing is psychological abuse for political gain and the lifelong victim is the child. This child will be confused for the rest of his/”her” life about who he/”she” is and this will interrupt his development into his full potential by having to deal with his identity issues well into adult hood instead of focusing on what a normal maturing adult would focus on. These overly political parents ought to be ashamed of themselves and the author merely pointed out the absurdity of what they were doing at the expense of a young person’s life and future.

  • More Facts

    You may also be interested to know the parents have a donation page set up so they can buy a van for their disabled daughter. She became disable when she contracted RSV as an infant and had seizures. At the time her parents were into a holistic or “non-medical” approach to illnesses.
    Prior to the announcement, the fund had few contributions. After the publicity this has changed.

  • Hypocritical

    Victoria, I agree with you about the author’s editorial bigotry and name calling. It is uncalled for, and quite immature. It is from a bible thumper looking to rouse the mob mentality.

    Reading this article I found the author to be more disturbing then most of the things he was reporting (and I use that word very loosely). It seemed more like a Facebook rant.

    I do want to point out however, that in this mixed up world of fear, bigotry and prejudice I find people to be small minded and judgmental. Because this author seems to believe that children are idiots, and nothing more than a blank page when born, he portrays a picture that he has created in his head.

    Child psychologists have proven that children are indeed predisposed to their particular likes and dislikes. Additionally, if this child wishes, (either with/without the manipulation of the parents) to identify him/her self as either sex, it is that child’s prerogative.

    We, as a people, need to stop telling people what we think they should do (love the hypocracy in this statement).

  • loretto69

    The commenters who are faulting the author of this article are missing the point. This lttle boy is being set up for a life of confusion and suffering.What Mr. Verrecchio is expressing is righteous anger, that a child should be put in this position by his parents, no matte how well meaning they are.

    One point the author didn’t make, however, was that this is not an only child – he is one of at least five children and has several sisters close in age to him.That can explain why he was socially conditioned to like girls clothes, etc.I grew up with four brothers and often wished i could wear their clothes and even wondered why I had to do certain things differently than they did! But my mother didn’t let me assume that I was really a boy in girl’s form.

    Psychologists have shown that to achieve a true and good masculine identity with all that entails in terms of character and behaviour – not just the clothes they wear! – is not an easy thing. Like Mr. Verrecchio, I wonder how this boy’s father could allow his son to be so easily convinced that he “is” a girl without wondering where it would lead him in life. .We simply don’t know enough about this family’s personal dynamic, although a good start is to assume that female behaviour and dress are preferred. This radical social experiment on their innocent son is a form of child abuse, and people are right to be concerned about the child

  • Maria

    I respectfully ask if it ever occurred to you that individuals who identify as transgendered may actually not suffer from an illness so much as a genetic abnormality in which their genitals do not match their intrinsic gender-based traits. I am by no means conversant on this topic but from things I have seen, often this behavior does appear at an extremely young age and in loving, stable homes in which there is no abuse. What illness do you refer to? Could it be that there was some crossing of wires in the womb, so to speak, and there would be nothing sinful in these people trying to identify with what they feel is their true gender?

  • QuoVadisAnima

    It has long been known in human development that children do not begin to have gender awareness until about the age of 3. And that their gender identity is strengthened – or not – by their relationship with their father or a close male family member such as a grandfather or uncle.

    Now, we are supposed to go along with their pretend that all of this science (& common knowledge) was actually just politically incorrect thinking that came from a patriarchically-obsessed societal structure? Actually, the only obsession I’ve seen with males and patriarchy has come mainly from emotionally damaged women who despise their own gender & want to make it more masculine.

    Little children frequently want to stick things like beans & legos up their noses as well – so maybe that’s just a genetic cross-wiring & we shouldn’t teach them not to do it?

  • Proteios

    Perhaps. My concern is ‘enlightened’ people intolerantly calling anyone who disagrees with them a bigot. Many consider marriage one man on woman for life. That’s not inherently bigotry and I agree with some of wht you say, but the ‘b’ word seems to come out, not to engage people into discussion and mutual understanding, but rather to STOP discussions and end intellegent dialogue. And no, I’m not casting an opinion on these people I know nothing About. i do feel for their child and his future challenges regardless of the cause. But i have no problem saying, I simply don’t want boys going in th girls bathroom with my daughter. Make single unit bathroom with a lock. Or unisex room for one person. Anyone can use it. But picks bathroom based on what you identify with is not ok. And it is not safe.

  • QuoVadisAnima

    I challenge you to support your implication that child psychologists have proven that kids gender association is immutably determined at such a young age. I have been in the medical field for more than 3 decades and child development has long said differently!

    The fact that you then go on to suggest that a person should be able to be whatever gender they wish, rather than accepting themselves as they are, speaks volumes about the foundation of your ironically small-minded and judgmental comment.

  • Darren Rodgers

    Hear, hear. Excellent article Mr. Verrecchio. This brand of twisted social engineering is child abuse, no doubt about it. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming reality show, because I guarantee you it’s a motivating factoring for thrusting Coy into the national spotlight.

  • Victoria

    Loretto and Brandon, I absolutely agree with you that these parents are doing something foolish, and probably harmful to their son. I merely point out that name-calling in a sarcastic way will not make them change, and is not charitable. “A soft answer turneth away wrath.”
    I asked my 3 year old grandson if he’s a boy or a girl, and he answered “a boy!” He has no doubt. I asked him how he knows, and he couldn’t tell me. I didn’t pursue it because I don’t want to confuse him! But it’s obvious to me that he knows he’s a boy because his parents say he is. That’s what Coy’s parents should do.

  • GR

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    Mark 9:42

  • Robyn

    OMG. The only confused people here are the commenters……The child knows that it was meant to be a girl. Just because we don’t get it doesn’t mean anything. Coy is a girl at heart, by no coercion from anyone.