In today’s Gospel, Matthew is relating to us much more than another
miracle. Through this event, he shows that Jesus gives spiritual food
that satisfies spiritual hunger. The Gospel today reminds us that in
Jesus we have the fullness of spiritual life and through him our
physical hunger can be satisfied as well.

This subtle but important point makes us reflect whether world hunger
is the result of an inadequate food supply or inadequate distribution
arrangements. Would the problem be found in the insufficiency of our
planet or from the selfishness of the human heart? Should we expect
God to deliver more food from heaven to feed the starving or should He
move human hearts to share what they have? In the Gospel reading,
Jesus tells his disciples “You give them food to eat.” He wants them
to do something themselves to alleviate the hunger of the people. God
works through human initiative, intelligence, and concern.

To mobilize our energies to alleviate human suffering requires a
change within ourselves which Jesus has demonstrated to us.