From Bush to Obama: Sanctity of Human Life Day to Gay Pride Month

President Barack Obama has for the second year in a row issued a proclamation declaring June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.”  While prior to his leaving office President George W. Bush issued a Sanctity of Life Day proclamation for 2009, such a proclamation was rejected by President Obama for 2010.

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America was not surprised by President Obama’s actions. “Obama is consistent,” Wright told LifeSiteNews. “He takes the side that is short-sighted, harmful to individuals and society, and focused on self. He sides with those demanding that the innocent be discriminated against and the immoral celebrated. He is consistently wrong on moral issues.”

Signed on May 28, Obama’s proclamation boasts that across his Administration “openly LGBT employees are serving at every level.”

The proclamation outlines Obama’s policy agendas for the promotion of homosexuality. He declares,

  • “we must give committed gay couples the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple, and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.”
  • “We must protect the rights of LGBT families by securing their adoption rights, ending employment discrimination against LGBT Americans, and ensuring Federal employees receive equal benefits.”
  • “I am also committed to ending ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ so patriotic LGBT Americans can serve openly in our military, and I am working with the Congress and our military leadership to accomplish that goal.”

The first proclamation of National Sanctity of Human Life Day was made by in 1984 by President Ronal Reagan and repeated annually.  The tradition was continued by President George H. W. Bush, suspended during the eight year term of President Bill Clinton, and resumed under President George W. Bush.

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  • consecrata

    This president has shown consistently that he and those who stand with him are against life and against traditional moral values. He has a clear agenda and is thrusting forward consistently to implements his agenda before leaving the White House. Fortunately the majority of American people are standing against him and will continue to stand against him even when he ignores their wishes, such as when he put through a disastrously expensive, anti life health care bill, and the stimulus bill. He stands for deviant behavior while standing against America and her values, while standing against life, the life of the unborn and the life of the born infant who survives abortion. But good will not be defeated and, in the end, Obama will be sent back to where he came from, the swamps of Chicago politics. May it be sooner rather than later.

  • LarryW2LJ

    Sadly and unfortunately, this article does not surprise me in the least. How ’bout all you “Catholics” out there who voted for this man ….. your consciences bothering you, yet? Not even just a little bit?



  • consecrata

    There were many Catholics who voted for Obama because they didn’t know he was pro abortion. The USCCB put out a guide which was ambiguous – many who knew Obama was pro abortion felt they could vote for him with the blessing of the Bishops as long as they weren’t voting for Obama BECAUSE he was pro abortion. Others voted for him because they felt that if abortion was really a heinous sin then Pelosi and Biden and Kerry and Kennedy and other Catholic pro abortion politicians would not be permitted to receive the Eucharist. Nancy Pelosi called in Catholic Nuns to support the Health Care bill in defiance of the Bishops…Pelosi is becoming more and more arrogant and defiant because she receives absolutely no consequences from the Bishops…recently she instructed Cardinals and Bishops who come to her for collaboration on different issues, telling them to have their Priests speak from the pulpit in favor of immigration reform since many in the pews don’t want health care reform…Pelosi defies the Popes, the Bishops, the teachings of the Church…and becomes more outspoken and more powerful in her anti-Catholic positions every day…speaking at a Catholic Conference in Washington, she mentioned in a rather bizarre way when someone asked what her favorite thing was…how it’s ‘the word’, you know ‘the word’…and went on to say that she pursues policies in keeping with ‘the word’ – you know, the biblical ‘word’ , meaning the ‘Word made Flesh’ and how we will have to answer in the end how we carried out that mandate…a total disconnect from the fact that while she strives to save the planet, she is advocating the termination of millions of human lives…and still, our Bishops let her go on as if it’s no big deal…sad – the word is – sad!!!!