Homily of the Day

Friday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

If I were to choose a place where I would want to get energized, it would be the mountain. I am more of a mountain climber than a beachcomber. The sound of the waves makes my heart pound a little bit more while the mountain creates a sense of peace and quiet in my soul. It is then very assuring for me to see Jesus going up to the mountain as he was about to do something important. The twelve apostles were named; each one of them. From being his disciples to being named apostles, the twelve were given the mission to be with Jesus, to preach and drive out demons.

Perhaps at that point the apostles were confused; perhaps even fearful because they could only understand very little of what Jesus was doing. What does it mean to be sent on a mission? In the here and now, we know what to preach — the good news — that we are loved and forgiven by the Father. In the present context, we are to discover these demons we are to drive away. Like the apostles, we dare to be with Jesus and we trust everything shall fall into place.

Would we have the courage to follow Jesus up the mountain? How would we feel if we were with him and he sends us on a mission?