Homily of the Day

Friday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Expect that when the Lord comes into our lives, our lives will not remain the same. When the Holy Spirit descends upon us, we can be sure that our lives will be set in motion. There will always be a dynamic activity, an interaction that comes from above. And for sure conflict will arise when we stand up as witnesses for Christ. 

Whether in the office or in the family, there may be many topics and views contrary to the teachings of the Church. In the world, we will be caught in tension as we strive to follow the will of God. We will be tempted, and many trials will await us. We may be subjected to ridicule, criticism and even hatred when we stand by Christ.

The world does not value Christ. Many of the teachings in the Gospel are against the values of the world. We are in the world, but yet we do not belong to the world.

Today’s Gospel reading invites us to stand firm in our Christian beliefs, during opportune and inopportune times. We may lose many friends, jobs, business opportunities and securities. It is a great sacrifice, but then we follow God and not men, and our reward will also be great in heaven.


The consolation is that the Holy Spirit will defend us and make us righteous.  In the midst of the difficulties and trials because of our commitment to our faith,  God will provide. He will take care of us. We should consider it an honor to follow his footsteps, to experience some “crucifixion” and to complete whatever is lacking in his passion through our suffering with him.