Foxes, Birds, and the Son of Man

Taking the first step in following Jesus is never easy. We have to let go of our excess baggage such as our earthly belongings, our pleasures and even our own personal comfort. It is a tough road with many challenges to face.

In today’s passage, a man approaches Jesus saying that he will follow him wherever he goes. Jesus then relates to him how animals have a place to return to without being rejected by their companions. And yet, he has no place where people would not judge him. This is the first challenge to followers of Jesus – not everyone will accept our personal commitment to him. Some, even our loved ones, may not agree to help us in our journey of faith and may even become obstacles for us.

In the second encounter, a disciple asks that he bury his father first, but our Lord tells him to prioritize following him over anything else. There is a saying that goes “If you’re alive, then you still have hope.” Unlike the dead, the living still has a chance to convert themselves and to give glory.

This passage, named “The cost of following Jesus,” reminds that Jesus is of infinite value. Although it costs us everything to follow him, it is definitely worth it.