For the Love of Obama

"I was so overcome with emotion, I nearly passed out."

"Passed out?"

"The wife and I have been following Barack Obama around the country. Every time he enters a room, the wife collapses into my arms. I have to use smelling salts to bring her out of it."

"I see."

"He's quite a presence, that Obama. As president, he's not only going to change America, he's going to change the world!"

"Change? What kind of change?"

"The kind of change in which he's going to do things differently — differently than they've ever been done before. There'll be no more same old same old with Obama."

"What will his change accomplish?"

"It will give us hope — lots and lots of hope."

"Hope is good. But what will this hope accomplish?"

"Haven't you been paying attention? It will help us believe in change! Obama wants us to believe in our own ability to bring about change."

"But if you already believe in your own ability to bring about change, why do you need Obama?"

"Because of the future! Obama is going to make the future bright — he won't fail as our past leaders have."

"Look, it's true that Obama has charisma and charm. He's an articulate fellow and he gives an inspirational speech. But before we propel him to the presidency, would you mind if I asked some hypothetical questions?"

"Bring it on."

"Would you rather have a president who believes that individuals will drive America's success or one who puts all of his hope in the government?"

"That's easy. Individual Americans are the reason we've gotten where we are."

"Would you prefer a candidate who promises to initiate several new government programs or one who promises to restrain government growth?"

"That's easy, too. If our government keeps growing, we'll end up with more regulations and higher taxes and our economy will become as stagnant as the one in France."

"OK, then would you prefer a president who will lower taxes for everyone or a president who says he will raise taxes on the 'rich'?"

"I'd go with the low-tax guy. Isn't it obvious by now that low taxes unleash investment and economic growth, which is good for all income levels?"

"Congratulations. You just voted AGAINST Barack Obama."

"I did?"

"Look, Obama has been getting a free pass on his policies. Nobody seems to care what they are, but when they are examined in detail, the picture is not very pretty."

"It's not?"

"All you have to do is go to Obama's Web site,, to see what he is promising to do. Take global warming. Obama believes man is the cause of it and he's got a host of ambitious mandates and programs he will push if he becomes president."

"He does?"

"As for taxes, he says he'll lower them for working families but that he'll raise them on the 'rich.' The unfortunate reality, however, is that the 'rich' are the ones who invest in new businesses. By raising their taxes, he will impede investment and impede growth."

"He will?"

"Go ahead and visit his Web site and you'll see the word 'expand' all over the place. He likes the word 'create,' too — as in create new government programs. He's got lots of ideas to grow the government."

"I didn't know that."

"There are some who are saying Obama is an empty suit — a relatively young fellow whose work history has mostly been as a politician. But the truth of the matter is that he's not an empty suit at all."

"What is he?"

"If elected president, he is a fellow who may be successful in implementing ambitious, big-government policies. He's telling us exactly what he wants to do, but people are more interested in his charisma than his ideas. So do you still want Obama to be president?"

"But he's tall and eloquent and dresses so well. He'll make a fine president."

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  • Guest

    Great analysis !

  • Guest

    The liberal Democratic voter would like to show the world how enlightened they are by having a woman and a black as their presidential candidates. Qualifications be darned.

  • Guest

    This column, with its vastly oversimplified statement of Obama's position, is not worthy of this otherwise very fine forum. Since when did this become a political page for right-wing Republicans only? Mr. Purcell complains about Obama being over simplified and then proceeds to write a column that does exactly the same. 

  • Guest

    Gene, why not post Mr. Purcell's errors here, and clarify anything that his simplifications obscure?

    As for this being a right-wing-only forum, have you already forgotten this column, by Fr. John Rausch, who was widely excorciated for his socialist views (which are, by definition, dissenting from doctrine)?

  • Guest

    what's interesting about Obama is that he truly is an African American versus an Africanamerican…..although when my daughter heard his "po,black boy raised by a single mamma" speech at Clemson, one would have thought he was raised in the southside projects of Chicago.

    I've come to expect subterfuge at the highest levels.  Obama won't disapoint! 

  • Guest

    This is not a right wing forum, that's why Gene got on. We right wingers just happen to trump all the left wing propaganda out there that passes for factual information. Obama is a fake, fraud, Foney. He's  Chavez from Illinois.

  • Guest

    obama is depressing, not inspiring – i want to jump off the country and be in a world where we don't have an extreme left wing baby killing pro-abortion anti terri schiavo liberal trying to be our prez

    the dem party is soooooooooooo depressing now

  • Guest

    wow! What an accurate string of adjectives!  Thanks soooooooooooo much,etc and so forth, deirdew.