Fool For Christ

The first reading shows David and all Israel bringing the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem in triumphal procession.  The Ark contained the tablets of the 10 commandments which God personally wrote on and gave to Moses.  For the Israelites, it was the most sacred thing in the world because it was the sign of God’s election of Israel as His own people so they adored the Ark which contained the tablets. The Ark was also a symbol of God’s presence among men and so its religious significance was paramount. So when it was brought into Jerusalem, the whole community rejoiced, danced and sang in total abandon. When have we truly been happy beyond compare because of the Lord? Do we always welcome His presence in our lives, even if this means to give up some things?  Have you ever been a fool for Christ as David did when he danced with abandon as the Ark was being brought to Jerusalem?

The gospel message is very striking.  Jesus puts spiritual ties as more important than blood relationship.  Family is important but doing the will of God is more important. Man was created to know God, to love Him and to serve Him. The family is the place where a man learns to do God’s will.  So if the family has fulfilled its mission, then we will have many people who are always doing things for God and their fellowmen. Jesus also grew up in a family and there he was taught to love God above all things. When we love God first, we are already loving our families because we are becoming bridges of hope for them and saving them even if they do not care so much for God. We must believe that a Christian’s acts always save others, including his family.