Following the Pope’s Warnings on Life, Family and Culture Through 2008

The following are a series of links to a selection of stories from the previous year that detail Pope Benedict XVI’s various statements on the life, cultural, family and faith issues. As the stories reveal, the current pontiff has clearly emerged as a fierce and outspoken defender of the right to life of all human beings, including the most vulnerable.Pope Says the “Future of Society” is “Clearly at Stake” from Attacks Against the Family Based on Marriage

Pope Highlights “Educational Emergency” of Passing on Values and Correct Behavior to Youth

Benedict XVI Calls Catholic Faithful to Adoration in Reparation for Clergy Sex Abuses

Pope Tells Nations He is Upset by Attack on One Man, One Woman Marriage

Pope to Jesuits: Reaffirm “Total Adhesion to Catholic Doctrine” on “Sexual Morality”

Pope Condemns In Vitro Fertilization: “Barrier protecting human dignity has been broken”

Pope Benedict: “It Is, in Fact, Everyone’s Duty” To Protect Life Before Birth

Benedict Says Pressure For Euthanasia Mounting Because of Population Control, Tight Medical Resources

Pope Benedict: Hedonistic Secularist Mentality Pervades the Church

Pope Praises Americans’ Efforts to Defend Life and Marriage to New US Ambassador

Pope Calls for End to “Conspiracy of Silence” over Wounds Caused by “Grave Sins” of Abortion and Divorce

Pope Touches Down in Washington DC, Purposely Avoided Talk of Homosexuality During Plane Interview

Pope Benedict Extols the Christian Vision of America’s Founding Fathers

Pope: US Pro-Freedom Secularism is a Model for Europe, Not New Anti-Religious Secularism

Pope Tells Bishops they Must Deal with Sex Abuse Scandal by Addressing All of Sexual Morality

Pope to Educators: Appeals to Academic Freedom Cannot Justify Positions Against the Faith

Pope Decries the “Scandal Given by Catholics Who Promote an Alleged Right to Abortion”

Highlights from Pope’s Address to the United Nations – Religious Freedom Means Faith Allowed in Politics

Pope Spoke Privately with President Bush about Abortion and Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Highlights from the Pope’s Address to Young People

Pope to Pro-Lifers: “How many human lives have you saved from death! . . . do not be afraid”
“Respect For Life is the first form of justice that must be applied”

Pope Reminds Spouses of their “Responsibility To Generate New Children”

Pope Says Defence of Life and Family Urgent as “Numerous Forces Are Trying to Weaken Them”

Pope Links the Eucharist with the Right to Life

Pope to World Youth Day: “The Womb – Has Become A Place of Unutterable Violence”

Pope To Canada: “I Know it is Possible” For You to Turn to a Culture of Life and Respect Natural Marriage

Pope: Christianity is in Crisis

Pope Encourages 100 New Bishops to Use the “Weapon of Preaching” Against Secularization

Pope Warns Organ Transplant Conference of Abuses of Death Criteria

Pope Reiterates Catholic Politicians Must “Remain Coherent To the Faith They Profess”

Pope Urges Argentina to Reject Proposals to Legalize Abortion and Gay “Marriage”

Pope: Human Rights Have Their Basis in God

Pope on Addressing AIDS: “First and Foremost,” Work to Change Sexual Behavior

Pope Against Population Control: “Population Is Proving To Be An Asset, Not A Factor That Contributes To Poverty”

Pope Decries Euthanasia as “Evil” as Luxembourg Parliament Advances with Assisted Suicide Legalization

Pope’s Christmas Greeting Says We Must “Protect the Human Being against Self-Destruction” of Sexual Aberration

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