Follow the HHS Decision Live Right Now!

On Thursday, June 28, the Supreme Court will make its final ruling on Obamacare. In order to help Catholic Exchange readers know what the ruling is in real time, we are providing a link to Scotusblog, which features a live blog of Supreme Court activities and decisions. Scotusblog will begin posting at 8:45 EDT on Thursday.

In the meantime, we note that the feast days of St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Irenaeus, and Sts. Peter and Paul fall on the day before, the day of, and the day after this momentous court ruling, respectively. We ask all to pray for the intercession of these great saints, all of whom worked tirelessly to defend and proclaim the faith in their day.

The link to Scotusblog is here. If it crashes on Thursday (and it might!), their back up site is

And, of course, you can always check in on the U.S. Bishops’ Fortnight For Freedom here.

May God bless us.


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  • Redemptorist Missionary

    You forgot that the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help is on June 27th and will be celebrated with great and fervent devotion by millions of people throughout the world, especially in the Third World.  The Original Icon is in Rome in St. Alphonsus Church on the Via Merulana.  The Icon of Perpetual  Help is the perfect Marian Image for a Church facing persecution.