In this account of the call, we see Jesus making the initiative. His choice is not accidental. He invites himself to the boat of Peter – the Peter who has faith, who is willing to follow him and serve him. But more than that, his choice is among the many listeners who are ready to surrender themselves totally to his mission. And then we see the effect. When
Jesus told Peter and his friends to lower their nets for a catch, they obeyed without resistance in spite of their experience just a while ago of catching nothing in
the same spot. Peter was overwhelmed by the result of his obedient action that made him realize the holiness and power of God and his own unworthiness as a sinful man. But then Jesus assured Peter by saying: “Do not be afraid. From now on, you will catch men.” And they brought their boats ashore, and followed him, leaving everything.

We read of several vocation stories of saints, priests, sisters and lay men and women that reflect in many ways Peter’s story. What about ours? What is our personal call from God? Do we believe in this call and respond to it in a way that make us experience peace and joy after having plunged into the deep in total abandon? Let us then listen attentively to God’s Word so that we may understand better His teachings and His will for us, and like Peter, respond to God’s call without fear.