Fish on Fridays at your Catholic school?

From you know where:

Since per canon law (1250-1253) Fridays are still penitential days during which the faithful are to abstain from eating meat (unless "other forms of penance, especially works of charity and exercises of piety" are undertaken), I'm curious to know how many Catholic schools support the practice via their cafeterias. As recent as the late 1970s, even public schools, including my alma mater, Rochester's Florence Brasser Elementary, offered a Friday fish course for lunch.

And I do realize that the rules on fasting and abstinence only apply to those over fourteen, but parents often fulfill them as family disciplines, e.g., in most Catholic homes on Fridays during Lent everyone eats fish sticks.

Does your school lunchroom offer a meatless entree like fish on Fridays?

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