Fill Your Empty Soul

Through Jesus, the promises of God made through the prophecies of old will be fulfilled. “You will learn then that I am the Lord your God.”

Prior to the verses of our gospel for today, Jesus spoke about “the fundamental truth that you cannot leave a man’s soul empty. It is not enough to banish the evil thoughts and the evil habits and the old ways and leave the soul empty. An empty soul is a soul in peril . . . You’ve got to fill a man with something. It is not enough to drive out evil; good must come in . . . The woman who spoke was carried away by a moment of emotion. Jesus pulled her back to reality. The moment of emotion is a fine thing; but the greatest thing is a life of obedience in the routine things of every day. No amount of fine feeling can take the place of faithful doing.” (William Barclay)

The Jewish baby was always suckled by its own mother even up to two or three years. It was a duty that the rabbis reminded them of. When a child was at last weaned, a feast and sacrifice was made in memory of Abraham’s celebration of the time Sarah stopped suckling Isaac. Thus the child was solemnly made a member of the religious community and marked by the seal of God in circumcision for a male child. (Daily Life in Palestine at the time of Christ by Henri Daniel-Rops)

Jesus elevated this sanctity of being marked with the “seal of God” from its ritual roots to one’s commitment to living the faith in God’s word.

  • Laura

    Jesus already fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. When Jesus came into the world, he fulfilled what the prophets foretold of him, especially the prophet Elijah. There are so many ways Christ fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament, it is too many to write here, but his own birth and death on the cross are two of the major ones.

    And, aren’t you a little mixed up when you said that “Jesus spoke about (the fundamental truth…etc.)” These are not Christ’s words. They are, but they were spoken by William Barclay, about today’s gospel.

    What does a Jewish baby have to do with today’s gospel? Or even the Old Testament? Yes, Jesus was a Jewish baby once, but….

    And yes, the Jewish people (and Catholics too) are marked with the “seal of God” and are called to live it out in our lives, but I don’t know anyone who has done this perfectly or even very well, except Jesus who was without sin, or maybe Mary. Even the saints sinned. Every human person sins. If we did not, then why would we need Christ? Thank God for sin, because through sin, we have come to love Jesus Christ. We may not have done so otherwise.

  • chaco

    Your right about our sin being part of the process for our being saved (see 2 Cor. 5: 21) . The issue of prophesies being fulfilled vs. already fulfilled touches on the idea that God is outside of time & space; [ This is easier to grasp if one imagines humans as living one “Page” at a time. Whereas, God wrote “The Whole Book”.. This is why our prayers for those who have died can be effective because God already knew we were going to pray them. Same goes for God preserving The Virgin Mary from sin before Christ’s atoning sacrifice.] As Catholics, we are taught; “We are saved (Baptism) – We are being saved & We are going to be saved (Final Judgement). This is affirmed somewhat in Phil. 2: 12 where we’re taught about “working out our salvation with fear & trembling” rather than our salvation already being achieved.