Feminism and Its Discontents

by Jessica Muller

DURHAM, NC (AgapePress) – “Feminism sounds like it would be an organization that promotes women’s rights … but, of course, it has nothing to do with … helping women.”

Full of little-known details of the inner-workings of the legal system and tinged with the sarcasm that she is famous for, the author of last year’s best seller High Crimes and Misdemeanors — the Case Against Bill Clinton and constitutional attorney Ann Coulter drew a modest crowd when she spoke at Duke University last month.

“What it has to do with,” she continued, pausing for effect and tucking a strand of long blonde hair behind one ear, “is abortion and sexual harassment.” Citing high-profile personalities such as Planned Parenthood president and feminist leader Gloria Feldt, Coulter illustrated that feminism’s ultimate existence does not thrive on real support for women, but support for political goals.

Coulter said Feldt claims that “Americans adore the ‘right’ to abortion,” while arguing that “choice” would be “under attack” if we actually got to vote on the issue.

“From a ‘concept of liberty’ and vaguely alluded-to ‘zones of privacy,’ ” said Coulter, citing Justice Harry Blackmun in the Roe v. Wade decision, “abortion enthusiasts won the right to kill babies without the mess and bother of passing a law.”

“Ms. Feldt drones on about ‘respecting differences’ and finding ‘common ground’ — all in defense of an indefensible edict that stripped all Americans of the right to determine their own destinies by voting for the laws they want. Repeal Roe and let’s vote,” offered Coulter.

The “second pillar” of the feminist movement, according to Coulter, is sexual harassment. Defined by the courts as severe or pervasive suggestive behavior, the rules seemed to change when President Clinton was involved. Referring to High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Coulter cited Clinton’s relationships “with the Paula Joneses of the world” to show how the feminists jumped on the Clinton defenders’ bandwagon, rather than to the assistance of the harassment victim.

This didn’t really surprise anyone though, Coulter said. The unfortunate truth is that the concept of feminism is so mangled by those who use the name, that it is impossible for the word to ever be associated with a group of people who really want support and equality for women.

Instead, Coulter said, the word will always bring to mind a group of Gloria Feldts and Gloria Steinems feasting on lies of a woman’s “right” to kill her child, and not realizing that they are doing more harm than good when it comes to a woman’s rights in the workplace.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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