Feast of All Saints

Anything worth having is worth making sacrifices for. And the more that thing is worth, the greater the sacrifices we are willing to make for it. Buying a luxury car of one’s dream entails waiting, working very hard, saving, and scrimping on other expenses just to be able to buy it. If people are willing to make such great sacrifices to gain things that they cannot keep after death, shouldn’t they be more willing to make even greater sacrifices for something eternal? Of course, we know that’s far from the truth. Many people do not even think of eternal happiness because they are already enjoying their worldly happiness – their vast wealth and the perks that go with it. They are not interested or motivated to go to heaven.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” Most of us will have to admit that we are not doing much to live according to the Beatitudes. We really don’t think much about the excellence of the gift – eternal happiness in heaven – that Jesus offers us.

Let us pray today for the grace to desire eternal life more ardently and be willing to do anything, whatever it takes, to get there.