Homily of the Day

Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle

Christ gave Simon the name Cephas, which means Rock. This new name indicates a task, a preeminence among the disciples. Peter was chosen not because of his personal merit but because of the mission Christ entrusted to him which must be fulfilled with faithfulness and love.

Just like his master, Christ, the Good Shepherd, Peter has the power
to save the faithful from death and to communicate to them divine
life. The keys entrusted to him that binds and looses refers to the
“capacity to exercise disciplinary power of admitting or excluding
those he thinks fit. Also in his administration of the Church, he
makes necessary decisions in questions of doctrinal belief and moral
conduct. The verdict he delivers and the pronouncements he makes will
be ratified by God in heaven” (footnote Jerusalem Bible). This promise
holds also for the successors of Peter because Christ intends to
provide his Church’s future a regime that will not collapse with
Peter’s death.

This is not an easy task that is why we should constantly pray for our
Pope, the present day Peter. Let us also listen to him because he is
the Vicar of Christ. By listening and obeying him, we also obey