Homily of the Day

Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

Today we remember St. Mary Magdalene, a woman who not only was a loyal and faithful disciple of Christ but also a person who truly loved

It is unfortunate that in our present day, many of us are apprehensive or suspicious of Mary Magdalene. Many of us find discomfort in the intimacy she had with Jesus. In today’s gospel reading, St. John’s description of the meeting of Mary and Jesus may seem more than friendly than it is joyful. It doesn’t help that Mary Magdalene has been mistakenly portrayed in Hollywood as an illegitimate lover of Jesus or as an ex-prostitute (which she really wasn’t).

Mary Magdalene throughout the Gospels contended with difficulties and traumas. She was possessed of demons and likely an outcast before Jesus cured her. And she watched her friend Jesus die on the cross. In short, during her time and up to the present, we haven’t been giving Mary Magdalene much of a break. Except Jesus who did.

Jesus was her one true friend throughout it all. He not only cured her, but also taught to her, and stuck with her despite the complaints of others. In response, Mary gave her all to listen to and grow her faith with Jesus hence it comes as no surprise she became one of His most faithful disciples and best of friend.

Mary Magdalene is a model of faith and friendship. In the face of antagonism and negative sentiment, which we often experience today, we could really use her example in our own personal relationship with the Lord.