Family Is…

As a young boy, Jesus strayed from Joseph and Mary and they found him
in the temple among the learned doctors of the law. And when his
parents asked him why he had done this to them, he assumed that they
knew he must be attending to his father’s business. In today’s gospel,
Jesus was teaching the crowd the path of righteousness through
parables. When his disciples advised him that his mother asked to
speak with him, he again demonstrated that no family ties could get in
the way while he was going about his Father’s work.

When Jesus chose his first disciples, he asked them to leave their
families and follow him. Jesus did not mean that they abandon their
physical families or that they were unimportant. What he meant was
that the work of God must always take priority over everything else,
including family.

Jesus emphasizes that his family is whoever does what his Heavenly
Father wants. When we are baptized, we become brother, sister and
mother to Jesus. By doing his will, we become sons and daughters of
the Heavenly Father.