Faith in Christ

FirstReading: Jer. 26:1-9

Psalm: Ps. 69:5, 8-10, 14

Gospel: Mt. 13:54-58

The readings for today seem to revolve around stories of rejection. In the first reading, Jeremiah echoed God’s word in his sermon, thus provoking a scandal that has brought people against him. Similarly, the Psalmist also describes an experience of estrangement and alienation because of God’s word.

In the Gospel, the story depicts Jesus being rejected in his own town. His miracles and great deeds did not suffice in arousing faith among people. His fellowmen couldn’t see God’s presence in him simply because of their familiarity with his humble origins of which they are a part. In rejecting Jesus, they too, rejected their context and who they truly were. It is because of their inability to have faith in Jesus that he refuses to work further miracles inNazareth.

Why does Jesus look for faith in people? Does our faith have a relationship with Jesus’ ability to be at work in our lives? Do we have faith to allow Jesus to work miracles in our lives?

  • Faith is a gift from God which we ask for because He loves Us and wants us to love Him