Face Yourself While There’s Still Time!

1 Kgs 18:41-46 / Mt 5:20-26

By the very nature of things, life is filled with conflicts. However charming and mellow the people we live with may be, we inevitably have differences of taste, preferences, interests, goals, visions,…and whatever. Because of that fundamental reality of the human condition, we have to become experts at the art of reconciliation. We have to become adept at facing differences — some of them deeply and hurtfully felt — and bringing them together.

But the most profound and tricky task of reconciliation is not with others but within ourselves — learning how to recognize and name and face the conflicts within our own souls, conflicts that can tear us apart and sink our ships if we do not resolve them.

Jesus addresses that very matter at the end of today’s gospel, when he warns us about making peace with our opponent before we get to court. He’s not talking about an enemy on the outside; he’s talking about our own inner adversaries, our own demons. He’s saying, in a word: Face yourself while there’s still time. Face yourself and do what needs to be done before you destroy yourself.

It’s good advice from our very dear brother. Don’t ignore it!