Expand Your Horizons with the Best of Catholic Publications

The Newspaper Rack

On the newspaper side of the aisle, Our Sunday Visitor remains one of the most dependable weekly national publications available. It's consistently solid, with outstanding editorials and writers such as Russell Shaw (one of our columnists as well), Joe Esposito and Anne Carey. Contact them at 800-348-2440.

The National Catholic Register has been around since 1927. It is currently edited by Tom Hoopes and published by Father Owen Kearns from its home base in North Haven, Conn. Find it at www.ncregister.com or call 800-356-9916.

Of course, there's the English edition of L'Osservatore Romano, published by The Cathedral Foundation in Baltimore. This weekly newspaper contains the complete text of all papal documents, statements and addresses. It's well packaged, colorful and easy to read. Call 888-768-9555 or visit www.catholicreview.org.

Reading the Arlington Catholic Herald, the exceptional newspaper of the diocese of Arlington, Virginia, will also expand your faith horizons. Invite them all into your home on a weekly or monthly basis. Share them with your family members, co-workers and friends.

(This article courtesy of the Arlington Catholic Herald.)

Apologetics and Evangelization

The following list is not inclusive, but merely highlights a few magazines and newspapers that I find enjoyable to read on a regular basis. (Editor's Note: select articles from each of the following recommended publications appear regularly on Catholic Exchange.)

Envoy is a bi-monthly magazine that was established in 1996. It is primarily a journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization. Its aim is to help Catholics explain the faith intelligently, defend it charitably and share it effectively. Patrick Madrid is the co-founder and publisher. The magazine contains first-rate art and graphics to accompany its articles, which are often written with a terrific sense of humor. It can be found on the Web at www.envoymagazine.com. For subscription information, call 800-553-6869.

Catholic Answers' This Rock Magazine is similar to Envoy. Established by Karl Keating in 1990, it is considered a significant voice in Catholic apologetics and evangelization. The 48-page magazine is free of advertising and is published 10 times per year. Find out more at www.catholic.com or call 1-619-387-7200.

Art, History and Culture

Inside the Vatican magazine was established in 1993. Edited by Robert Moynihan, the monthly journal reports on events and key figures in and around the Vatican, and, by extension, around the world. It offers tremendous insights into the inner workings of the Catholic Church, while at the same time presenting an outstanding pictorial coverage as well. Art, history and culture are featured in every issue. Find it at www.insidethevatican.com or call 800-789-9494.

Crisis magazine is published and edited by [regular Catholic Exchange contributor] Deal Hudson. The monthly journal is based in Washington, D.C., and offers a variety of lay Catholic opinions on contemporary and Church issues. It reviews books, movies and American culture. Call 202-861-7790 for information.

Catholic World Report, edited for several years by Phil Lawler and published by Ignatius Press, routinely serves up a monthly dose of thought-provoking articles from around the world. It's not afraid to tackle tough issues and offers a daily news service as well. Find it at www.cwnews.com, or call 800-651-1531 for subscription information.

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