Escape From Email Hell

Noose Are you in Email Hell? Know someone who is? Keep reading.

I'm writing a book and I would love to have your help. The first installment begins below. I will list the chapters in their entirety on a book page. As I get the drafts written, I will post them. If you give me a suggestion that I use or spot an error that I correct, I'll give you credit in the book. Just leave a comment on the post on the book page. When it's done, I plan to publish it using

Chapter 1

You know Ed. He's a middle-aged man in a middle-sized company who gets tons of email. Whether you are drowning in email or skillfully riding the wave, you'll find something in his story that takes a little stress out of your email. So let's join Ed.

It was a dark and stormy night . . . Oh, wait; that's just the "music" on my iPod. I'm sitting here in my cube that's so small I can't spin my chair around without hitting something. At times, even with my earbuds in, I can hear three or four conversations going on. People even check their voice-mail by putting it on speaker. The nerve!

But that's not the worse of it. Oh, my God, I just opened my Inbox and found I have gone over the 4000 messages mark. It grows every day. I've tried and tried but nothing seems to work. I think I may need to quit this job so I can get my email under control. And it's not much better at home. With 5 personal addresses, just checking them is a pain. And over half of the messages are just JUNK! This whole email thing has got me stressed out. I want to slap the guy that invented it.

That night after Ed goes to sleep . . .

For more, click Escape From Email Hell – Chapter 1.

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