Eating With Tax Collectors

Last night I was invited to dinner by Al Smith IV, the great-grandson of Al Smith, who was a former New York governor and the first Catholic nominated for president. Al shared some jokes while introducing Obama and Romney. He also poked fun at Cardinal Timothy Dolan; a man of considerable girth, who sat between the two candidates. Al joked that they were separated by a “vast expanse.”

The banter throughout the night reminded me of another man of great girth, namely G.K. Chesterton. Standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing around 290 pounds, Chesterton’s size gave rise to a famous anecdote. Chesterton remarked to his friendly enemy George Bernard Shaw: “To look at you, anyone would think a famine had struck England”. Shaw retorted, “To look at you, anyone would think you have caused it”.

Shaw and GKC engaged in a series of debates over the course of many years and Chesterton never gave ground on his positions in these debates. It was Shaw who mercilessly made fun of Chesterton about his Roman Catholic “hobby,” and was shocked when Chesterton actually converted. Chesterton wrote a book on Shaw. When Shaw reviewed it he wrote, “This book is what everybody expected it to be: the best work of literary art I have yet provoked.”

“Provocative” certainly describes Chesterton’s introduction to the book, which consists of two sentences: “Most people say that they agree with Bernard Shaw or that they do not understand him. I am the only person who understands him, and I do not agree with him.” Chesterton says the basic flaw in Shaw’s philosophy is that it is “almost entirely without paradox.” He does accuse Shaw of occasionally using “false paradoxes,” which sound clever but are simply lies. True paradox is found in the Gospel: “He that shall lose his life, the same shall save it.” While the following statement by Shaw is a false paradox: “The Golden Rule is that there is no Golden Rule.”

Chesterton always had a willingness to engage the enemy in the public square with sound reason and wit. This provided a living demonstration of the command to love thy enemy. As Catholics, we are called not simply to love our enemies but also to engage them in the hopes of winning them over to the truth. George Bernard Shaw penned the following words near the end of his life:

“The science to which I pinned my faith is bankrupt. Its counsels, which should have established the millennium, have led directly to the suicide of Europe. I believed in them once…In their name I helped destroy the faith of millions of worshipers in the temples of a thousand creeds. And now they look at me and witness the great tragedy of an atheist who has lost his faith.”

Shaw did not end his life without giving us an authentic paradox. It was a great tribute to his friendly enemy. In our own day, it takes a big man to step into the middle of controversy and I’m glad Cardinal Dolan did not shrink from the task.

This article used by kind permission of the author. Original article can be found here.


Fr. Kevin Gabriel Gillen, O.P.


Fr. Kevin Gabriel Gillen, O.P., is currently the Executive Director of the Dominican Foundation and hosts the weekly program “Word to Life” on The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM 129 every Friday at noon E.T.

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  • What a wonderful piece, thanks so much for publishing it here. I have to admit, I was dubious about the invitation to President Obama but decided to trust Cardinal Dolan on this one. I do think it was the right decision now, for many reasons. I very much enjoyed this reflection on Chesterton and Shaw.

  • justathought!

    Good story, or not, the scene is totally inappropriate; Mr. Obama should not have been invited. He is far more than a simple “tax collector”. He is, indeed, the most prolific supporter of, and fund source for, abortion; that makes him a mass murderer; he is, by the way, completely unrepentant.

    To equate Cdl. Dolan’s engagement with that of G. K. Chesterton and Shaw is ridiculous! First, Chesterton never had a reason to file a lawsuit because of Shaw’s actions. Second, the good(?) Cardinal is supposedly a “prince” of the Church, and while eating with tax collectors is one thing, eating and “yukking it up” with unrepentant murderers is quite another, would he sit down to dinner with the heads of the so-called mafia crime families? I mean, they don’t usually kill anyone … they just suggest it (and pay for it of course).

    Cdl. Dolan, may indeed be a “Prince of the Church”, but the princes he reminds of carry monikers such as Absalom and Mordred. I do pray he will repent (and a bit of fasting would not be inappropriate).

    Lastly, when considering whom to engage, I think the 1 John 5:16 provides the answer: If any one sees his brother committing what is not
    a mortal sin, he will ask, and God will give him life for those whose sin
    is not mortal. There is sin which is mortal; I do not say that one is to pray
    for that.

  • Mike

    Stop judging,* that you may not be judged.

    For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.

    Matthew 7:1-2

  • The problem is that a picture is a thousand words. Question? Is it a sandal or is it not.

  • Go and preach the Gospel, Jesus said to the Apostles. He did not say go and have dinner with Herod for a photo op. Is this a ‘Scandal’ or is it not?

  • Isn’t this blurring the line between a layman and an Apostle? Cardinal Dolan may be the same size of Chesterton, but that is where the similarity ends.

  • Catherine A.

    Sorry but our Cardinal should not have sat with a pro-death president who not only lied to the bishops about the health bill but made anti-Christian remarks. As a New Yorker, I am sick and tired of seeing our Cardinal pictured laughing-mostly ‘belly laughs’ with politicans, media and at local church events. Also, pictured holding a glass of wine (in Rome in February for his elevation to the Cardinalship) or holding a glass of beer or commenting on wanting to get a hot dog from a corner street vendor. Do you think Archbishop Sheen would have been pictured this way? If Cardinal Dolan wants to be the spokesman for the Bishops or taken seriously by Catholics and non-Catholics alike, he better show how a Cardinal presents himself. He hasn’t done so far with a lot of New York Catholics. He needs a lot of prayers.

  • Mike, sorry but I have news for you. We judge (to form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration) every day in simple daily living. Anyone not judging is dead from the neck up. And for anyone having a sense of Church teaching on intrinsic evil, the judgement here is not good.

  • when Jesus ate with the tax collectors, I don’t get the impression they were laughing, joking and guffawing. In fact, I get the impression that is was a more serious tone and Jesus TAUGHT the tax collector, told him to repent and forgave him.

  • CE User

    Cardinal has given scandal to the Church. A public, nationally televised dinner, in the heat of an election whereby those who directly attack our Church in a way and to a degree that it has never been attacked in American history, and seek to gain the Catholic vote, is permitting scandal.

    A comparison with the Chesterton-Shaw public relationship does not hold. Chesterton did not represent the Church in any official capacity; Shaw, although perhaps seeking book-buyers, wielded no power over the Church. This was strictly a layman’s intellectual jousting. Indeed, the Cardinal might well have had a public dinner with a celebrated atheist, such as a Stephen Hawking, without scandal. Engagement is, as you said, the Church’s mission.

    Unfortunately for the Church, this treasured photo-op by a government who attacks us and will use this to draw Catholics to vote against our principles has potentially damaged our mission. And what a lost teaching moment, not necessarily to those on the outside who already oppose us, but to the millions of unstudied, culturally-inclined Catholics, who might get a message of clarity and boldness. If not now, Cardinal, when? If not you, whom?

  • Bravo! JO

  • joelfago

    I watched the dinner. Smiling Cardinal Dolan clapping for Obama will help reelect one who promotes the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.

  • The only bright side to this photo is that it confuses the leadership of Russia, China, Iran, and other radical Muslim countries. (Maybe) But our “Year of Faith” has become the “Confusion of Catholics”. We have no more sheperds, or martyrs, The Catholic Church leadership seems to be frightened of everyone and everything. I heard that Al Smith IV supports pro-abortion politicians. WHAT? I went to Mass tonight. I’m 59 years old and I’m one of the youngsters in Church, and the church was only a quarter full. Parishes are dieing out here and then there’s a photo of our head bishop at a big party….It doesn’t look right. Another Juan Oskar rant online. Pax Christi.

  • rakeys

    Jesus also said in Luke 17. “Things that cause sin will inevitably occur, but woe to the person through whom they occur….If your brother sins, rebuke him, and If he repents, forgive him.” Lk 17:1-3
    President Obama is definitely leading people to sin. Cardinal Dolan needs to rebuke him, and if he repents then forgive him. He might even throw him a big party, like the Prodigal father did.

  • Philip nachazel

    Fr. I agree wholeheartedly with your post.
    Engage, not hide or shun. Dolan is wise…he and we have Jesus’ Mother to help us with the promptings of her spouse..the Holy Spirit.
    Good job Cardinal Dolan.

  • I hope Cardinal Dolan is wise. But where’s the engagement? It was a party! Yea they made money for charity but we can’t do an evil to create a good. IMHO the picture will show the world another ‘fat’ bishop drinking and laughing with politicians and rich people. Al Smith IV supports politicians that support gay marriage AND ABORTION! In the long run, this is a disaster. Peacer amigos……….JO

  • Oh stop. There’s nothing in the Bible saying you can’t ‘judge’ behavior. Jeez…:D JO

  • Terrie

    You Americans are full of crap. That’s the least judgmental euphemism I can give for hypocrisy.

  • gbs

    The USA government is pro death, continuous war, drone murder, torture, allowing Chem trails, gmo poisonous of crop seeds ect. The Catholic church is silent, and for this cardinal to sit with these representative of shows how spiritual dead he is.

  • Jesus tells us in the Scriptures that if you have a problem with someone, you go to that person and talk to him/her. If he/she doesn’t listen to you, you bring the Church to speak to that person. If he/she still doesn’t listen, you treat him as you would a tax collector. Cardinal Dolan represents the Church. He spoke with Obama about the mandate and Obama lied to him. Obama has more blood on his hands than the 3rd Reich. Would Dolan sit next to Hitler and give him credibility?

  • Pilgrimike

    When Jesus caused great scandal eating with the tax collectors and prostitutes (Mt. 9), he did so as the merciful divine physician bringing spiritual healing to the sinners by offering them metanoia: a change in attitute, perception, and repentance.

    Why did the Cardinal cause great scandal and share dinner and jokes with a president who went back on his words and launched an unprovoked attack on the Catholic Church and its various organizations, charities, hospitals, and schools? For FUNDRAISING.
    At Jesus’ meal, Matthew left his wicked ways behind and followed Christ.
    At the Al Smith dinner, did the Cardinal engage the president to take a good look at the good charities his administration has put in the crosshairs? Did he challenge him to consider the fact that forcing Cathoics to pay for child-killing abortifacients, and culture-killing contraceptives (that can also be abortifacients) is reprehensible? I don’t believe so.
    This is not Chesterton and Shaw, having a spirited yet civil debate on atheism vs faith. This is Jesus sharing a photo op with Pilate to raise funds for the temple. But, hey, it’s for a good cause, right?

  • Citizen Christian

    Cardinal Dolan absolutely did not do the right thing! The Cardinal is called to shepherd the flock, not send the flock to political wolves (e.g., Obama and Romney) who will devour them.

    It also need to be pointed out that Obama is clearly one of the greatest political persecutors of the Christian faith and the Catholic Church in U.S. history.

    While Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, He only did so with the intent of bringing them to a conversion of heart and acceptance of Jesus as the true Messiah. Jesus would never hobnob with unrepentant mass murdering and pro-homosexual politicians to obtain thirty pieces of silver with the ulterior motive of assisting those in need.

    Knowing their wicked hearts, would Jesus have ate with Herod the Great, Stalin, or Hitler? Of course not! In fact, the Holy Family was not told to wine and dine with Herod the Great, but rather, directed to flee from this horrific reprobate infanticide king. Obama and Romney are no different than Herod the Great and clearly have killed far more babies than he ever did! Please do your research about Romneycare in Massachusetts and we all know of Obama’s infanticide policies.

    Both Obama and Romney are reprobate sinners who refuse to repent of their personal and public support of contraception, abortion, and homosexuality. Moreover, since Cardinal Dolan never intended to ask them to repent of these heinous sins (that cry out for vengeance from God), he has now creating great scandal and made shipwreck of the faith by hobnobbing with them at this “Belshezars’ Feast” type of event.

    The moral ends never justify the immoral means. Please prayer for the conversion of Obama and Romney, but do not wine, dine and “ham it up” with these enemies of the Christian faith and the Catholic Church!

  • DISQUS-ted

    Interesting…considering Jesus wouldn’t even SPEAK to Herod. Any politician who is an unrepentant supporter of baby killing should be given the same treatment, IMHO.

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    Shame on Cardinal Dolan! He is scandalous in all of this! Shame, shame, shame!!!

  • Romney Vetoed the Bill, but the Democrat politicians, which were, in the majority over-rode his Veto. To say that Romney is the same as Obama, tells me that you are an Obama supporter. Quit lying.
    Besides, Paul Ryan was chosen as the Vice President with a 100% Pro-life voting record. Why would Romney pick him if he was such a baby killer like Obama?

  • You would hope not. However, Hitler got a lot of people to follow him and voted him into office. Look at all the cruel followers he had that carried out the heinous crimes. Just like in America, all of the people, mostly Democrats, that voted these people in over and over again these Godless politicians that claim they are Roman Catholic, such as, Biden, Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Durbin and now the Americans have lost their Freedom.

  • The United States of America had a Constitution before it was trampled- on by people that did not appreciate the Freedoms that the Constitution guarantees .
    The Government is For the People, By the People, and of the People. It must be that he people were not alert nor engaged in the Public Square, which is a ‘Right’ given to every American citizen. While the American People slept and the so-called -Catholics kept voting for the Catholic Heretics and the American Heretics that do not follow and do not interpret the Constitution as the ‘Forefathers’ intended.

  • Cardinal Dolan also gave Sandra Fluke credibility by sticking-up for her against Rush Limbaugh. Sandra Fluke also thinks, that the Jesuits at Georgetown, should pay for insurance that would cover Sex-Changes. She wrote a paper about that for their Law review. At that point they should have thrown her out of the school on her rear. What has happened to the Great Jesuit Schools in America? They are all insane to have students such as Sandra Fluke?

  • Peter Nyikos

    Which Americans are you accusing of hypocrisy?

  • kmk

    he spoke to Pilate. I guess if the bishops don’t speak to the politicians, they don’t have a chance to repent. (And we have no clue — NO CLUE–how the bishops might speak to them privately.)

  • kmk

    SOrry–I should have capitalized “He,” both as beginning of sentence and His Holy Name. I don’t know how to go back in and correct.

  • kmk

    Did anyone watch the entire remarks? You can watch at C-Span. Obama and Romney totally roast each other and themselves. The press sitting behind them are very uncomfortable and on edge. Cardinal Dolan’s ending remarks are great. I came away with more resolve to pray for both of them (and the media people as well)–they are immortal souls in the balance, not caricatures.

    We all know the many reasons for the moral mess we are in, beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden. I loved the Cardinal’s comments about the “un’s” and especially his remark that “(Our Church teaches that) Joy is the ineffable sign of God’s presence.”
    Recently, I sat in on a talk given by Archbishop Lori about Religious Freedom and someone stood up at the Q and A afterwards and absolutely ranted at him for 10 minutes: the bishops haven;t done this and have done that for 40 years, etc., you need to do this, you need to do that,etc. Yes, all true, but certainly the current group of new bishops (Dolan, Lori) were, like, in their 20’s 40 years ago! Hardly in a position to effect change in a grand scale!
    And to accuse them of doing nothing–we have NO IDEA what some of them, especially the awesome, fearless ones, are quietly doing out of public view. Additionally, I did not see a whole lot of joy in the monologue–we save babies by loving the “un’s,” and living out our witness and doing whatever pro-life work we are called to do in our state in life–with joy! Some are called to the front lines of pro-life work, but I think many are saved by those quiet prayerful ones who are bedridden, or home with their little ones. (And some to the “darned if ya do, darned if ya don’t” work of being a Cardinal.)
    Anyway, God bless the Church, especially those to whose care we are entrusted, and who will have to stand before God at the end of their lives and have to answer for all of the souls, Catholic and non, entrusted to them.
    God bless you, Father, thanks for the up close perspective!

  • James H, London

    So do you, my dear.

  • James H, London

    If Jesus had been bad-mannered enough to harangue his hosts, I doubt that people would have complained about him ‘eating and drinking with sinners.’

    Please, people, lighten up! It’s Not like your Cardinal has Come Out, or anything! 🙂 His opposition to the culture of death is well known, and the Obamanites were pretty furious that he was there at all.

  • James H, London

    Something I’ve been convicted of lately is that I should always assume the best of opponents in debate, and engage accordingly. Charging in with intent doesn’t make any good points.

    I’ve really got to get started reading Chesterton.

  • cc

    So Obama is pro-abortion… The Republicans are pro-death in general. Pick the lesser evil.

  • cc

    by the way, it is not a quote by Show himself, but by one of his characters. And the full qyote is like this:
    The words are actually from Act 3 of Shaw’s 1932 play Too Good to be True, act 3, character Elder.
    “THE ELDER [rising impulsively] Determinism is gone, shattered, buried with a thousand dead religions, evaporated with the clouds of a million forgotten winters. The science I pinned my faith to is bankrupt: its tales were more foolish than all the miracles of the priests, its cruelties more horrible than all the atrocities of the Inquisition. Its spread of enlightenment has been a spread of cancer: its counsels that were to have established the millennium have led straight to European suicide. And I–I who believed in it as no religious fanatic has ever believed in his superstition! For its sake I helped to destroy the faith of millions of worshippers in the temples of a thousand creeds. And now look at me and behold the supreme tragedy of the atheist who has lost his faith–his faith in atheism, for which more martyrs have perished than for all the creeds put together. Here I stand, dumb before my scoundrel of a son; for that is what you are, boy, a common scoundrel and nothing else.”
    Shaw did not convert, did not change his views on the deathbed or anything. He was not an atheist though (except for a short while). He was an outspoken Stalinist though. A stouch supporter of Stalin and the USSR after his visit to Russia in 1933. But Chesterton did not mind that. Interetlingy uou will not find much against Stalin (or Hitler) in his writings.

  • Silas

    Cardinal Dolan did, in fact, do the right thing…he ate next to a horrible sinner; that is, Obama, just as Christ did, and he precides over Mass for many horrible sinners, mostly in the Northeastern states, who helped elect this anti-life human racist. Those who aid and abet are no different than Obama. If one reads through the old testament, they will find that when the people were evil, they had evil leaders/kings, but when they turned back to God, God blessed them with good leaders. This situation is most easily seen in a free society, like the U.S., but may be gone if Obama is re-elected. Too many good children have died at the hands of “catholics” who put themselves in the position of the Lord Himself and deem themselves the author of life instead of our Lord and Creator.

  • Juergensen

    Fr. Gillen,

    Please reconcile for us the fact that in 2009 Cardinal Dolan, then Archbishop of Milwaukee, REFUSED to attend a Pro-Life Wisconsin banquet because he was to sit at table with faithful, pro-life Catholic Judie Brown of American Life League (, and the fact that in 2012 Cardinal Dolan INSISTED on dining and yukking it up with a heretic baby murderer?


  • catholicwife

    Wrong. I am a Catholic wife and mother…a “rank and file” Catholic just trying to get through the day and live my faith at the same time. I can’t tell you the HURT I felt when I woke up the morning after the dinner and saw the Cardinal’s picture laughing while sitting between BOTH politicians. It made me want to write a long letter to my beloved parish priest telling him that I hope he NEVER gets “promoted” to anything other than parish priest. That is where the true holiness in the church lies…..the “little” priest administering the sacraments day after day to God’s people. Just sayin…..

  • Mary Ann Gonzales

    You can’t ever catch a fly while at the same time unceasingly swatting at it. Quit with
    the attacks against Cardinal Dolan. “Nothing is Impossible for God” and perhaps
    God will USE this to soften a heart–or make an enemy a “friendly enemy”. In any case
    what is done is done… now we pray for God’s BEST!

  • Nick

    If Cardinal Dolan (or you and I) didn’t eat with any sinners, then he would be eating alone. Cardinal Dolan has never waived from opposition to the HHS. That doesn’t mean he can’t be civil with the opposition. The positive relations gained by attending the event may open their hearts to change. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

  • chaco

    NUANCE ! NUANCE ! NUANCE ! We can’t just start “throwing stones” without realizing that conversion isn’t always of the “Knock us off our horse” kind. This debate, for some, isn’t as Black & White as piles of Jewish corpses. The “Out of sight – Out of mind ” NUANCE has to be dealt with here. Many have not had the time or Grace to “Fully Realize” (Heart & Mind) the seriousness of this offense. We have to “Whittle away” at the conscience moreso with this issue than with “Out in the open” issues. [ Priests for Life have the right idea with graphic pictures.] GRADUAL success must be embraced ! Would all of the “Rock Throwers” have condemned Mother Theresa for attending a banquet with Pres. Clinton & his pro-choice cohorts ? She did ! She also let God’s view be known. I’m going to give our Cardinal the benefit of the doubt.

  • Linda H Maloy

    Maybe there is something wrong with me, but as a practicing ?Catholic (do any of us ever get it 100% right)”

  • Linda H Maloy

    Maybe there is something wrong with me, but as a practicing Catholic (do any of us ever get it 100% right?), I was not “outraged” by Cardinal Dolan’s presence, nor his remarks. Haven’t you ever heard, “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar?” None of us knows for sure what the good Cardinal said to either one when the camera wasn’t on him. I am certain he won’t support the heinous baby killer and hater of Christianity, Obama. As for Gov. Romney, it is plain that he is the only hope we have right now to keep from losing our freedoms altogether. But to accuse Cardinal Dolan of motives and statements none of us are privy to says a lot more about US than it does him!

  • MaryK

    I am surprised at so many pharisaical Catholics. Enjoying a meal of this kind, with the self-deprecating puns and ensuing laughter breaks down many barriers. Who knows, Archbishop Dolan, simply by being there, just may be helping to bring some understanding, allowing our protagonists to think more positively on Catholics. Certainly, the negative responses from many of these responders would not help the cause of life – rather it would drive the politics of death when people, seeing how judgmental Catholics are, would dismiss the Catholic view as totally ridiculous because people are so quick to find fault with others. Who would want to be Catholic when all people do is criticize?
    I watched that televised portion of the dinner, and laughed with abandon – as did the Archbishop along with everyone there. That didn’t change my pro-life beliefs, nor did it encourage me to leave the Church, or vote differently. And so i ask, “What is it that bugs you, anyway?” Or – maybe you simply want religious people to be morose and angry untl the whole country joins in the misery.

  • MaryK

    Judging another person, by any other name or explanation, is still judging – and condemned by Jesus. You may justify yours as righteous indignation, “careful consideration” or even judge the ones who do not judge “One not judging is dead from the neck up”. You say you know the heart of another, or can determine a person’s eternal damnation (or salvation) solely on their political leaning , but – how can you do that? Some responders here say Cdl.Dolan’s presence at the dinner was a scandal, but what kind of scandal would it have been if he had declined the invitation (bc he refused to eat with a “sinner”? Now, that would be a scandal! Who would be interested in becoming Catholic based on who he dined with? Our RCIA classes would be empty of inquirers if the church taught that we could judge others in the way you do.
    I suggest you stop going to Mass for there are sinners there along with the saints – and some of the former receive communion. Gasp! What a scandal! And – you may have been approaching the altar right behind them – receiving communion without reconciliation, after you offered them the sign of peace. Have you ever confessed your judgmental attitude when you go to SacRec?
    Thanks be to God – HE is the only worthy judge. He knows the thoughts of our hearts and minds, along with the works of our hands.

  • MaryK

    What other kind of judging is there, anyway? The courts make judgement based on a defendant’s disregard for the Law – we look upon what another person does (behavior), and condemn. That is exactly what the Scripture warns against. I suggest you re-read the Sermon on the Mount – Mathew 5,6,7, to see if Jesus made any exceptions to the rule.

  • Citizen Christian

    I am sorry you are unable to face reality. Romney and Obama are simply both evil. It is well documented on the internet that Romney, like Obama, is massively pro-homosexual (Romney is only against same sex marriage). Further, it is well known that Romney supports abortion for the three claimed exceptions for abortion – life, incest and rape. These exceptions are really not exceptions at all and represent the murder of untold numbers of innocent children in their mothers’ wombs (and I hope and pray that all involved in these evil acts repent of them). Also, through his OWN Massachusetts state socialized health care plan — Romneycare, women are able to obtain subsidized abortions for any reason.

    Also, Paul Ryan is not really pro-life! You are either 100 percent pro-life or not pro-life at all. How can someone claim they are pro-life when they protect some human lives, but not others? If you believe this contradiction possible, you are engaging in Orwellian doublethink! During his over ten year tenure as Congressman from Wisconsin, Ryan has voted YEA on a numerous Omnibus Budget Acts (The Congressional Budget), that have been signed into law by various presidents. These Omnibus Budget Acts, that he helped pass, included hundreds of millions in funding for TITLE X programs (a.k.a, population control programs at home and abroad). These populations control programs, provide, in part, funding for all forms of illicit contraception, including the birth control pill, which can act as an abortifacient (meaning a human embryonic abortions can occur). Further, I have read on the internet that over half of all surgical abortions in the US occur after artificial contraception methods have failed. Hence, Paul Ryan is a direct collaborator in the the mass murder of unborn babies by his voting for the passage of the Congressional Budget Act on numerous occasions as a congressman.

    I hope and pray that you see the truth of this matter and not vote for any evil politicians, be they democrat or republican. What matters with God is not whether you are a good republican or democrat, but rather, whether you are a GOOD CHRISTIAN. Jesus said you can only serve one master, not two. Moreover, we have only one savior on this earth and He is Jesus Christ!

  • Juergensen

    Can’t bring yourself to label Obama as “pro-death”, can you? Because you voted for him, right?

  • krobe

    Breaks down barriers, the only barriers being put up are on my religious freedom and the barriers to life for untold millions. You want to laugh with abandon, go ahead, I cry for 55 million babies being slaughtered. You think God’s laughing? And by the way, real Catholics don’t look to the world for positive reaction, How easy it is for catholics today to shove their own under the bus as being judgemental or critical for the likes of abortion loving politicians and their bishop friends. No we don’t want to be morose and angry, we just don’t want babies being mercilessly killed , we just can’t be happy about that as it offends God who is the author of all those lives. Maybe you should confront some abortion pictures and then see how “happy” you can be.

  • krobe

    He not only supported the heinous baby killer by giving him a great photo opt for his reelection, he then laughed and had a good old time with him, and that is “catching more flies with honey”? We are privy to the motives, get Obama re-elected. You don’t get that do you?

  • krobe

    Fools love to be fooled! When your tax dollars go to abortion at any stage it’s about time to give up that “benefit of the doubt” mentality. 55 milliion babies dead is not enough I guess, how many more will it take before so called leaders of the church stop playing party time with the killers? I watched Mother Teresa at that prayer meeting and to compare what she said and did with what Dolan did is really pathetically dishonest.