Easter Waiting

The week after the events of Easter is always a time of anticipation, waiting for something more to happen. Unfortunately, the disciples found themselves without anything significant to do. They decided to return to their old trade – fishing. It is interesting to note that these professional fishermen again caught nothing.

How often have we made a resolution to follow Jesus, and when what we expected did not happen, we return to our old ways of doing things? We feel that God had abandoned us, as the disciples felt. Perhaps, each Easter season is a time to remind ourselves that God does not leave us alone after He has come to our lives. Our lives have been transformed. It is we who have forgotten and returned to our old way of doing things. And it takes another encounter with the Lord to remind us that we are His.

It was “the disciple Jesus loved” who recognized him. It was Peter who acted on that recognition. Can we identify with either one, or both of them? Can we respond to Jesus’ invitation and allow him to fill us again?