Early risers: celebrate Las Mananitas on Dec. 12

On the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, many parishes with a Latino community will begin the feast day at dawn with the celebration of "Las Mananitas" (little morning songs).

Our Lady

Starting at 5 or 6am, the celebration includes lively mariachi music, the Rosary, the wearing of traditional costumes, and singing of the "Las Mananitas" hymn. Usually a reception follows, with delicious Mexican hot chocolate, tasty cookies and pastries.

This festival is a vibrant example of Catholic culture that can be enjoyed by people of any background. Call your local diocesan office, or the local Spanish-speaking parish, to find a Las Mananitas celebration near you.


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  • Guest

    I am up at four-thirty, anyway. I’ll join the Las Mananitas around the world with my Rosary at five ante meridian.

    I don’t feel all that ‘vibrant’, given the hour. However, joining prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of the Americas, with probably millions of Spanish-speaking Americans is fine way to open the day.

    I’m wearing my traditional outfit – baggy pajama bottoms.

    I will have some Italian almond toast dipped in chocolate with my coffee. Wow! Woof! and Zoom! EATCHYER HEARTS OUT, late rising CERT-ers!

    I remain your obedient servant, but God’s first,

    Pristinus Sapienter

    (wljewell @mail.catholicexchange.com or …yahoo.com)

  • Guest

    DH is doing the honors, he is part of the service club for the parish that is making the coffee and hot chocolate and serving the tamales (I imagine they are cleaning up by now, because they have been in the school cafeteria, and school opens in less than an hour). Mananitas, Mass, then mariachis with breakfast, menudo& tamales.