Dutch MP: Homosexual Sexual Education Should be Mandatory

According to Dutch member of parliament Boris van der Ham, of the liberal Democrats 66 party, the government should mandate that all schools, including religious schools, include homosexuality as a topic in their sexual education classes.

“Too many children are raised with a homophobic morality,” said Van der Ham. “Although this is more common in urban immigrant families, rural Dutch families also have such prejudices. Schools should correct that image.”

The MP’s statement was timed to coincide with a Thursday debate upon that subject. Six pro-homosexual organizations have sent a joint letter to the Dutch parliament asking for the inclusion of homosexuality as a mandatory topic.

In Amsterdam 82 percent of schools have been found to be silent on the subject of homosexuality in sexual education, according to Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Van der Ham denies that his proposal would violate freedom of religious education as governed by Article 23 of the Dutch constitution.

“The schools are free in the form of their lessons,” he said, “but the core goals must be met.”

Boris van der Ham has previously protested against the Polish government’s attitude towards homosexuals, stressing Poland’s duty to follow European Union rules.  He has also supported the amendment of the Dutch constitution to include homosexuals among groups against which discrimination is explicitly forbidden.

The Netherlands already has some of the most pro-homosexual and anti-life policies of any country in the world. It was the first country to legalize homosexual “marriage” and to allow homosexual partners to adopt children and has spent millions of Euros to promote homosexuality as normal.

The Dutch government also subsidizes abortion and permits Dutch doctors to kill the sick, elderly, and handicapped infants.

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