Draw Your Circle Very Large!

Acts 11:1-18 / Jn 10:1-10

Today’s reading from Acts tells a tale that seems quite extraordinary to us.  How could anyone be shocked at the idea of dining with someone who happened to be uncircumcised, or unbaptized for that matter?  That’s drawing the circle of one’s love and concern mighty small.  And it’s making God equally small, implying that he has room in his love only for those who have gone through the prescribed rituals.

But before we get too far along the road of ridiculing our early Christian ancestors, we might do well to take a good look into our own souls.  Every one of us is almost certain to find there a surprising number of hidden barriers which create an in-group much smaller and an out-group much larger than we ever would have expected.

If we are followers of Jesus, that simply cannot be.  Just as with Jesus, no one can be left outside the circle of our love.  No one!  So draw your circle much larger, and become a real member of God’s big family!