Don’t Give in to the Siren Song

In the rural area where I live, radio stations which come in clearly on a clock radio are limited, so I awake to news and commentary on National Public Radio. No idle morning banter, this station focuses on serious topics. The other day, they had a commentary on how conservative pro-life Catholics are defecting to the Obama camp because they recognize that 35 years of efforts to overturn Roe v Wade were fruitless, and admitted defeat. They wish to take a different approach and reduce abortions by reducing poverty.

This sounds like a reasonable approach, moreover it will make you more acceptable at university dinner parties, where you can join fellow pro-life Catholic defectors Doug Kmiec, and Nicholas Cafardi voicing their support for the first viable African American candidate for President of the United States.

Once, while I was in a moderately Catholic college, I contemplated joining the Pax Christi type Catholic liberal set. After all, they discuss many issues mentioned on the USCCB’s Faithful Citizenship brochure; war, poverty, racism, the environment. These are important issues, and they are acceptable to the intelligentsia. They don’t cause jaws to drop in horror when you mention them in educated company like saying you oppose abortion. You can be part of the elite club which populates most Catholic institutions.

Half asleep, the memory of my near-defection from the pro-life movement, lay warmly upon me like the quilt I would have to shed, to enter the dark pre-dawn cold.

I woke with a jolt from my memories, startled by how far astray the siren song of the NPR discussion had led me. As I sipped my first morning coffee, I was reminded of the Japanese propaganda radio station during World War II. The soothing voice of a female announcer, called, “Tokyo Rose” played upon the homesickness of the American GI’s describing “walking down Broadway with your girl after seeing a show”. She played upon  powerful images like baseball games and Mom’s apple pie, to lure GI’s into giving up the  brutal battle for the Pacific, convincing them that the war was lost, and that they should desert and go home to their families. I remembered how wrong Tokyo Rose was, and how America pushed on to victory over Japan, by resisting the lure of the siren and listening to their commanding officers instead. Their valiant spirits were not diminished by the allure of comfort and the lies of the inevitability of defeat.

Pro-lifers have been hearing a lot lately about how the pro-life cause is lost, and how we might as well join forces with the Party of the Culture of Death, and be on the winning side. We should become part of history and elect America’s first African-American president. Let him lead us to overcome poverty, the root cause of abortion.

While not denying that this may be appealing, we must not be tempted to vote for a man who has promised to codify into law a “right” to an abortion with the Freedom of Choice Act. Far from making abortions “safe, legal, and rare” (where have we heard that before?) he will in one stroke of a pen, nullify 35 years of struggle on the state level to reduce abortions with waiting periods, informed consent, and parental notification laws.

Abortions are at the lowest rate since 1973 because of these laws. Those who say that President Bush has done nothing to help the pro-life cause forget the two outstanding Supreme Court Justice appointments he made;  the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Fetal Pain Awareness Act, the Mexico City Policy, and the law signed this October, the Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act. These are decisive battles won in the war for the Culture of Life.

Don’t be lulled into surrender by defeatist polls either. Zogby has just come out with a poll which puts the underdog ahead by a point. The election will only be a defeat if Catholics surrender their staunch pro-life convictions in the eleventh hour, just before the battle turns in our favor. Listen to the leadership from our valiant commanders, Bishops Arthur Serratelli of New Jersey and Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi. We can further the trend which has a recent 19 point surge in Catholic support for the pro-life presidential candidate. We can prevent Congress from having a super-majority of pro-death politicians. We can prevent a pro-abortion Catholic Vice-Presidential Candidate and Speaker of the House from clouding the minds of the young by their false interpretation of Church teaching on life issues.

We have the potential to be the generation which saw the abolition of the greatest evil of our time. Someday the story of our movement will be taught to schoolchildren, like that of the abolitionists and civil rights activists, if we stay the course. Justice movements are always opposed until the battle is won, and society has come to its senses. Dawn will surely break on a new day when all Americans enjoy their Constitutional Right to Life. Until then we vote pro-life, spread the word and pray, pray, pray for a pro-life victory in this election.

We can settle for no less. We are the Church Militant.


Mother to three daughters and a Literature instructor, Leticia has always loved writing, good literature, and classic films. She became a blogger in 2006, and began to include film reviews on her blogs, Causa Nostrae Laetitiae, and Cause of Our Joy Suddenly Leticia was thrust into the world of film criticism when Eric Sheske of the National Catholic Register mentioned her blog as a source for Catholic film reviews. The next day, an invitation arrived to attend a film premiere in Hollywood, which she accepted, and a film critic was born. Leticia began Catholic Media Review to guide parents in their decisions on whether to let their children see a particular film. She also promotes independent family films like “Bella”, and “Fireproof” so that they can reach a larger audience. Her goal is nothing less than a transformation of the culture to what Pope John Paul II called a “Culture of Life”. She realizes that the pivotal role the media has to play in this transformation, and is determined that those who would defame Christ’s message do not have the last word. She writes film and book reviews for the following publications: MercatorNet, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Online, and “National Catholic Register”. Her reviews have been posted at the websites of Reuters, IMBD, USA Today, Chicago Sun-Times, and various TV news stations.

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  • I think that all too often, the news media tell us that things are how they want them to be.

  • Warren Jewell

    Hear! Hear!

    No siren’s song, the lady sounds the trumpet of Michael. “We make our stand here – they come no farther – here we stop them and shove them back.”

    Left as ‘victorious’, the culture of death will extend the violence of abortion into further violence against other ‘punishing inconveniences’, like (expensive and) old Mom and Dad; maybe, too, the ‘punishing inconveniences’ of persistent Christians and other pro-life persons. It is met today by such an array of mendacity and slanted propaganda-‘news’ one must shut out the noise and listen for the Spirit’s quiet assurances and exhortations.

    Our Lady of the Americas, be our Lady of Victory.

  • Cooky642

    Thank you, Leticia, for sounding the Call to Arms! We must never forget who we are, what we are here to do, and just Who has the power to win the war!

    Speaking of which, the news tonight is vibrating with hope! Our enemy has essentially shot himself in the foot in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania!!! OUR GOD REIGNS!

  • c-kingsley

    This year’s democratic platform, I hear, has removed the word “rare” from the “safe and legal” trio. (I don’t have a source for it.)

    I read once that the real cause of abortion is people wanting to have sex with someone they wouldn’t want to have a baby with. They even say so — when standing on the street corner with pro-life signs, they shout at us “It’s our f’ing choice.” If it were caused by poverty, you wouldn’t have so many college students getting abortions.

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