Don’t Be a Squirrel

1 Pt 1:10-16 / Mk 10:28-31

There is something of the squirrel in all of us, gathering up things and “squirreling” them away in assorted hiding places. There’s something of the bird in us as well, scooping up all sorts of things at random to weave into its nest. Many objects end up in nests simply because they’re brightly colored or shiny. How like our nests, full of useless stuff we just can’t say goodbye to!

We have a hard time letting go, not just of things, but of ideas, habits, places, relationships, grievances, angers, griefs, and oh so much more. Letting go is hard, but the very fact of our mortality and of the limited time that is available to any one of us is an unmistakable cue that we need to learn to let go, not just of bad things but of many wonderful things as well. Just like the man on the flying trapeze, we have to let go of one thing that is very secure in order to get to where we need to go next.

God has important work for us at each stage in our lives. The challenge is to know when one work is done and when and where the next is to begin. We’ll never find out if we don’t listen to the Spirit. We’ll never find out, if we don’t let go and go with the Spirit.

Let go and your life will blossom. Let go and you’ll discover what Jesus meant when he said: “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.”