“Divine Intervention”

Today’s readings speak of Divine intervention and how God affects our
everyday world. In the first reading, Isaiah’s discussion of King Ahaz
tells of offer and rejection. God offered a sign to Ahaz to strengthen
his faith during a time when Ahaz’s kingdom was being threatened. For
some reason, Ahaz wanted to avoid God’s help. His reaction could mask
the stubbornness we sometimes feel. Sometimes, even when we are
anxious or suffering, we prefer the consolation of solitude and
anxiety rather than allowing God to enter into our hearts.

Luke’s account of the announcement to Mary reflects a different
reaction to a sign. Mary’s humanity is evident during the visitation
by the angel Gabriel, and to the questions she raises. God sent
Gabriel to Nazareth to bring her news and words of comfort to calm her
fears. However, those words were disruptive.

Mary is also given another sign, which is distinct from the angel’s
visit. She is told that Elizabeth is pregnant, even though she is
thought to be too old to bear children. Mary is thus shown that
“nothing will be impossible for God.” Mary’s acceptance of the
visitation and the sign is a reflection of her faith in the promise of
God, in His Love, and in His creative power to bring about His will.

When we are faced with the disruptive creative powers of God in our
lives, let us remember Mary’s example of faith.

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  • Editor

    It is up. I’m not sure why you are seeing yesterday’s homily, but perhaps if you reload your page you’ll see today’s.