Did the Dog Really Eat Your Homework?

Am 2:6-10, 13-16 / Mt 8:18-22

Most people are fairly accomplished at the art of making excuses, no matter what the issue.  Indeed many of us got an early start with the dog eating our fictional homework or our little brother throwing that same fictional homework out the car window on the way to school.  Or perhaps it was as simple a, “She made me do it.”

Later on we graduated to things like, “I can’t start a diet at Christmas,” or “the host would be offended if I didn’t accept another glass,” or “they don’t really need this.”

Jesus knows the truth and so do we: There was no homework; she didn’t make me do it; I don’t want to diet; I do want another drink; and I am taking what doesn’t belong to me!  So when Jesus calls us, as He does every day, to come and follow Him, there are only two truthful answers: Yes and No. Excuses aren’t answers, and they don’t count.

So what’s your answer to Jesus’ invitation going to be today? Yes or No? Remember now: No excuses!