Thursday three o'clock they brought my casket –

Two bulky gentleman with violet wings

‘Please lie down at full length if you try it,

It's not designed for standing or for sitting.'

Comfortable I thought, the pearl-white cushion

But where's the oarlock and the ashen scull?

What about the balance of dimensions,

Won't it be unsteady when it's full?

‘Oh, don't worry sir, you won't capsize

The way they thought the Pharoah might in Egypt,

She's steady as the Good Lord can devise

No one yet's been capsized or unshipped.'

Square-built boat – she didn't need a sheer –

I slept a bit to test her as she rode,

The waves that rocked me slightly were the years,

Gentle so as not to discommode

‘Will you take her, then?' the two inquired,

‘If you do please sign the invoice here.'

I dipped the offered quill and in my blood

Took possession of my signature

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