Deepak Chopra on Jesus?

I don't buy what the New Age writer is selling in his latest book, and I'm guessing most other CE readers don't, either.

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    I am sending you  the note I sent to CNN after I saw an interview of D Chopra— I don't have much hope that my little note will make any ripples — but here it is: Why give DeepakChopra such a pulpit, CNN? His outrageous comments about Christianity and violence in the world appeal to all whose education about such matters is so limited that they honestly believe whatever they are told..  Many people do not know that the standards and mores of Christianity and Judaism have given western culture shape… and perhaps you could help in spreading that news– instead of spreading misunderstanding. The rights of women and children and minority groups have all been expanded because of the followers of Christ, and specifically because of the Catholic Church. If you want to give up what Christianity has given us, you might be surprised to find yourself in a non- Christian world and wondering where you rights went… You know very well that there is a higher incidence of pedophilia among schoolteachers than there is in the priesthood, yet you continue to promote this garbage. Of course Deepak didn’t make the slam about the Catholic Church but –it came from an unnamed source who used to be Catholic—as if the claim to have been Catholic at one point in their life gives people the right to tear down the Church.  There are a lot of disaffected people who have left this country—does that mean they are right about this country? Is it profitable to the general welfare to give them a forum?And for Deepak Chopra to present himself as some kind of theological authority –he uses Christ as a front for his Gnostic mysticism, and then Lemmon indicates that Huckabee is just using Jesus— “oh this is exciting Deepak, I could talk to you all day”—are you the wise man on the mountain we’ve all been seeking all these years—you have some special insight into the cosmos that that Catholics like John Paul and Benedict and leaders like Billy Graham have just failed to understand? What do you think Chopra is doing—selling books about Jesus—because people aren’t really looking for swamis anymore—so try to bring Jesus in on it and sell books— especially profitable if you bash the Catholic Church along the way– the institution that has been most responsible hospitals, schools, works of mercy, safe and fair lending practices, good working conditions, living wages, the sacredness of the individual and on and on  Our culture can go right down the drain in a hurry if organizations like CNN take on the task of destroying people’s confidence in religion—look at all the damage done to the world by atheism and anarchy—go back to the pre- Christian world and see if you really want that– and quit promoting these old Gnostic ideas in new clothes—Hey- why don’t you have George Wiegel on and let him promote his new book?