Dear Big Louie

“Hey Karen, What about the Dads, Sons,Brothers or Uncles. Do you ever write any interesting stories about the Males of the world? Did something happen that we should know about? Is there no males worth writing about? I am sure you could find something funny or serious to entertain us with using a male figureas the topic of your piece. I have spoken with “The Girls and Boys Club”and they assured me that if you call. They will be glad to supply you with many great men both local and worldwide that you can write some excellent stories about. Of course that is my opinion. But as a Grandfather, Brother, Father, Uncle, Son, Nephew and Inlaw, I really would like the men to get a fair shake in your Column.” [Signed, Big Louie]

Dear Big Louie: I’m so glad you wrote—especially taking the time to log on to our paper’s fantastic website and place your comment there.

To answer your question: Yes. I have written “interesting stories about the Males of the world”.  Ironically, I happen to be married to a male about whom I write frequently. Also consisently featured is the male to whom I gave birth.  (They both request you not believe everything I say about them.) I have one biological father and three older brothers. I’ve written about my dad, but my brothers threaten to beat me up if I spill any beans on them.

Though both my grandfathers passed away years ago, I was fortunate to live close to my father in law, a very interesting male indeed. (You missed the piece I wrote about ordering his meals at Mayo Clinic?) I’ve had two male dogs—Oatmeal the Wonderdog is dead but Hank the Hounddog is still very much alive and a frequent column star. I have nephews but frankly they’re just not that entertaining at this point in their lives. I’m confident that will change next June when Josh gets married.

Over the past 8 years, actual, live, breathing men have bought my books, attended my speaking engagements, invited me to speak at professional events, review their books,  contribute to their books, radio shows, newspapers and websites. Ironically, the first editor who hired me and my current editor are males. I like my job too much to write about them.

After years of writing about The Bus Stop Mommies, I caved to my male neighbor’s nagging and featured The Bus Stop Daddies in a column. These guys are everywhere! One reader wrote, “LOL! Bus Stop Daddies! Great description. I love the bus stop in the morning and we have one Bus Stop Daddy that usually walks away when we start dishing on the husbands… he wants no part of it!” Perhaps you, Big Louie, were or are a Bus Stop Daddy? If so, I’m sure you have some interesting tales to tell!

Thanks again for writing!

Sincerely, Karen Rinehart, Creator: The Bus Stop Mommies

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