From a Long Time Member

Deacon Don BourgeoisFirst, I want to state that I have had Catholic Exchange as my home page for years now.

When they changed to the present format I was less than happy and I wrote to Harold Fickett to express my displeasure with the changes but I kept coming back because I realized that Catholic Exchange has improved with the changes. I’m now in the process of eating crow, because my first reaction was an over reaction, so here I am back.

Thank You, Catholic Exchange

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  • Sthompson12

    I have to admit I was a little detered when I opened the page from my favorites bar. It took a few days to get used to the new format, but I to am really liking it alot. I guess change is sometimes hard to get used to but can also be benificial. With the new translation of the Mass even our parish Priest had a rough couple of weeks, and some of the parishoners still want to recite prayers and responses as before. The change is good and getting better!