Cure the Soul

One of the difficulties of our generation is incredulity. We doubt too many things, and deep down, many times we doubt God. Why? Because we prefer to trust the tangible and immediate effective results that we can see and touch. We live in a fast-food, instant-communication, instant-relief, instant-solution world. Waiting is a dreaded disease and patience as a virtue is a rare commodity. We want cures, we want miracles, we want what we want. Jesus said at the end that he was amazed at their lack of faith. Because the people had no humility to wait. Jesus could work no miracle there because the hearts of the people were cold.

The greatest miracle in Lourdes is not that many are cured, but rather that many are not cured, yet they continue to believe. For if the cure were the most important thing, we risk to just want to get well at all costs, to heal the limp arm, to restore the sight, to cure cancer as the ultimate goal. We would be so foolish to have human solutions, or goals that remain of this world only. In the end, this world will perish and all its monuments. What will be left? Only the people with faith will be rewarded with ETERNAL LIFE. This is what we should seek. Not the cure, but a way out of death. And Christ showed us the way – by dying on the cross and becoming victorious by rising from the dead. He entered into death instead of avoided it. He entered the cross and vanquished death forever. This is the mission of Christ – not to cure a temporary sickness and then to die into sin, but to cure the soul and gift us with Heaven and eternal life!