Culture of Death Declares War on Christ

Recently, at the invitation of Vatican officials, our Priests for Life team prepared some input for next year’s Synod of Bishops on the topic of the New Evangelization.

Every few years, representatives of bishops’ conferences from around the world gather for several weeks of deliberations in Rome concerning one or another aspect of the Church’s work. In order to guide their deliberations, a working document is prepared, and the input of the entire Church is sought.

The topic of the “New Evangelization” is one about which Blessed John Paul II spoke often. It refers to a new fervor in proclaiming the unchanging gospel, especially in places where, the gospel having once been proclaimed and accepted, there are powerful forces of secularization that cause people to forget God.

In forgetting the Creator, moreover, as the Second Vatican Council taught, the creature becomes unintelligible. As Pope Benedict pointed out recently in creating a new office at the Vatican for promoting the New Evangelization,

“… [T]here has been a troubling loss of the sense of the sacred, which has even called into question foundations once deemed unshakeable such as … a common understanding of basic human experiences: i.e., birth, death, life in a family, and reference to a natural moral law.” (Decree Ubicumque et Semper, Sept. 21, 2010).

By far the most destructive and offensive manifestation of this obscuring of the meaning of birth, life, and death is abortion. Therefore our Priests for Life team compiled reflections on how the pro-life mission of the Church intersects with the New Evangelization.

One of the contributors to these reflections was my friend, Rev. John Ensor, and he pointed out that Satan has always used child-killing to try to slow or stop the advance of the Gospel of Christ.

The attempt is seen in Egypt (see Exodus 1), when mass child-killing is used to try to snuff out the life and work of Moses.

Then, as God’s people live in the Promised Land, Satan allures them into mingling with the surrounding nations in practices of idolatry, including the sacrifice of their sons and daughters to demons in the fire (see Psalm 106:37-38). This practice leads to the exile.

History moves on to the Incarnation, and the life of Jesus is targeted in the mass child-killing ordered by Herod.

Finally, in our day, abortion kills countless future disciples and evangelists. As Rev. 12:17 indicates, the war against Christ and his Church is symbolized in the attempt to kill a child, and the triumph of the Gospel is seen in the victory of life.

The Word of God is clear: “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11); “Seek justice, rescue the oppressed” (Isaiah 1:17). The entire Church is under obedience to this Divine command to stop the killing. We can hardly be credible in proclaiming that the destiny of the human person is to be on the throne with Christ (Rev. 3:21) if we ignore those persons thrown in the garbage.

Fr. Frank Pavone


Father Frank A. Pavone is an American Roman Catholic priest and pro-life activist. He is the National Director of Priests for Life and serves as the Chairman and Pastoral Director of Rachel's Vineyard.

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  • consecrata

    I have a hard time reading Fr.Pavone now…there are many ways of ‘declaring war on Christ’…one way is to publicly defy His legitimate authority figures, such as Bishops. I am inundated with massive e-mails from Fr. Pavone urging me (and all of us who are the recipients of these e-mails) to send him money, lots of money, as much money as we can possibly afford and to do it NOW!! It’s non-stop and i’m finding that even those who wanted to take his side against his Bishop are really upset and frustrated with these demands for money with the threat that if we don’t send as much money to him now, babies will die…this is another way, as i have said, of declaring war on Christ.

  • faustina

    Fr. Pavone is in residence in Texas, in obedience to his bishop. The letters coming from PFL for donations are from their president, not Fr. Pavone, who has not asked for money since his persecutions began. I would suggest that you do your research on the way PFL has been forthcoming about its donation structure. Nobody is forcing anybody to donate to any apostolate. Its your free choice. Do not cast aspersions on Fr. Frank and PFL before he gets his mediator and his ruling from the Vatican. If anything, that bishop has attacked the work of PFL and all pro-life work by publicizing that letter, which had numerous unfounded innuendoes, all of them unproven.

  • consecrata

    I have indeed done my research and the e-mails we are receiving are from Father Pavone himself…he, Fr. Pavone, is asking for money…lots of money. And these e-mails have been sent on to the Vatican and they will be checking into it. No one is ‘forcing’ anyone to send the money to Fr. Pavone…but they are being warned that if they do not, then babies will die. Fr. Pavone may be where he is in obedience to his Bishop, but he refused to meet with his Bishop. And let’s stop trying to make Fr. Pavone into a martyr…and he is not being ‘persecuted’ – if you want to know what persecution is, look at the lives of the early martyrs or the lives of Priests who were put into concentration camps by the Nazis and tortured. Try to keep things in perspective please.